Common Insecurities- and How To Deal With Them!Common Insecurities You Need To Deal With To Be More Confident


When you’re confident in your appearance, it allows you to go out there and tackle life head on without anything holding you back. While we’re always going to find something we don’t like about ourselves, sometimes insecurities can cause major issues. Do you find yourself saying no to social events, avoid meeting people and refuse to push yourself out of your comfort zone because of your looks? It’s a horrible situation to be in because you can’t hide from yourself. It’s all very well saying we should learn to love our bodies but the reality is far different. Thankfully, there are things you can do to fix many issues with your looks.



‘You look tired’ or ‘didn’t you sleep well?’ will be common phrases you hear when you suffer from dark circles. Even if you’re well rested your eyes tell a different story, and dark circles or ‘bags’ can make you look tired and far older than your years. There are lots of grcolorlour correcting products on the market these days that work wonders. Using a peach toned concealer helps to ‘balance’ the blue green tones of under eye circles. Apply your regular foundation over the top and you’ve effectively masked out the unpleasant tones.

Common Insecurities- and How To Deal With Them!

Cleverly placed eyeshadow can also make your eyes look pretty and wide awake. Check out some tutorials on Youtube and invest in some good products. You could also consider an eye lift surgery which will both reduce dark circles and tighten wrinkles. You would need to find an advanced cosmetic surgery practice and go for a consultation to find out more. In more extreme cases, surgery is the only thing likely to make much of a difference but be sure to weigh up the pros and cons.

Common Insecurities- and How To Deal With Them!


If you’ve had puffy cheeks all your life and you’re not overweight, the cause is likely to be genetic. To reduce their size you could consider a surgery called buccal fat removal which removes the ‘pad’ in your cheek to reduce the size. However this is only suitable for certain people so it’s something you would need to discuss with a specialist. Otherwise big cheeks can be caused from just excess weight or it could be

Otherwise big cheeks can be caused from just excess weight or it could be puffiness from a diet that’s high in salt (or both). Correcting your diet will quickly bring them back down, and you’re likely to feel lighter all over and healthier too. If you want a more sculpted appearance, try contour and highlighting which can make you look more chiselled.


Some people have naturally thinner lips, but we lose volume in them as we age meaning you could be left without much of a pout at all. Thanks to the popularity of bigger lips, more places than ever now offer lip injections which are a good temporary way to make them bigger.

Common Insecurities- and How To Deal With Them!

Just a small amount can make a big difference, and can either even out your lips or just plump them making your face look more attractive. Other common physical insecurities people have with their mouth is their teeth. You could try teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign or something else completely- make an appointment with your dentist who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.


These are just a few ways to deal with common physical insecurities to boost your physical confidence. How do you feel more confident?

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