the cons of smilingThe Cons Of Smiling No One Talks About


Chances are, we’re all in agreement that smiling is a wonderful thing. In fact, smiling can improve your life, there’s no doubt about it. It helps with mental well-being and the way you interact with people. It can open all sorts of doors. But, it’s not all sunshine and smiles! Like most things, smiling has its downsides.

Yet, there is an astonishing lack of information out there about what they are. It’s no surprise. No one wants to stop smiling, right? The good thing is, you don’t have to. But, it’s important you know what the darker side is. That way, you can carry on smiling, and take steps towards tackling the issues. Don’t let your smile creep up on you. Know exactly what it can do!


the cons of smiling



When we smile, our eyes crinkle. There’s no getting around it. You may not notice, but it happens. It’s one thing that makes smiling so endearing. Our whole face ‘lights up.’ But, this constant crinkling can take its toll. We’ve all heard reference to ‘crow’s feet,’ or, as the optimistic among us call them: ‘laughter lines.’ Smiling a lot can cause excessive wrinkling from the corners of your eyes. This isn’t all bad. On some people, these lines make it look as though they’re always smiling. For the unlucky among us, though, these wrinkles can cause problems.

Instead of making us look like a ray of sunshine, eye wrinkles can make many of us look older than our years. This is especially true if you have dark circles under your eyes, too. The already existent wrinkles work with other factors of aging to make us look worn down. But, what can you do about them? As we’ve already said, not smiling isn’t much of an option. For some of us, smiling comes naturally. For others, it’s part of our job to look approachable and happy.


Either way, a life without a smile is a dull one. One thing you need to do is turn to eye creams. There are many on the market. Some fight wrinkles, while others help keep our skin moist and plump. Try out a few and see if any work for you. Bear in mind that there is no miracle cure. Once the lines are there, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to undo them. If you want them gone completely, you may need to opt for a procedure from somewhere like Roxy Plastic Surgery. It’s an extreme option, but it’s better than the alternative life of a straight face. If you spend hours despairing about your crow’s feet, these options are worth some consideration.




As you use 26 muscles to smile, it’s no surprise that your eyes won’t be the only thing to suffer. As you smile using your mouth, it’s also no surprise that your mouth suffers, too. Mouth wrinkles are awful because they’re right there for everyone to see. There are no flattering nicknames like ‘laughter lines’ for these bad boys. And, you can be sure that a wrinkled mouth will make you age faster. But, what can you do without keeping your mouth in a straight line all day? Well, as it’s not possible not to smile, it’s important you tackle other issues that cause the problem.


Smoking is a major factor in wrinkles around the mouth. Much like smiling, the process of smoking will leave deep grooves. They’ll make your mouth puckered and unappealing. Quitting will make a huge difference. Think, too, about using products to fight the problem. Keeping the skin around your mouth moisturized is important. Dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkles. It’s also worth stocking up on creams and products that promote collagen production. This will help your skin to stay firm and plumped!


Of course, it’s not only your appearance that’s at risk. We all know that smiling makes us more approachable. That’s one of the reasons we do it, right? Yet, a smile in the wrong direction can lead to unwanted attention. People receive signals in different ways. One person may read your smile as polite, while another may see it as an invitation for something more. This can be embarrassing for both parties. Or, worse, it could leave you with a stalker type personality, who’s sure you’re interested. Working around this won’t be easy if open smiles are natural to you. Some of us can’t help but smile if we meet someone’s eye.

To make sure your intentions aren’t misunderstood, try changing the way you smile at people you don’t know. If you give open mouthed, whole-hearted smiles, people are more likely to get the wrong idea. Instead, try giving closed mouth smiles. That way, you’re polite without giving too much of yourself. It’s the best of both worlds.



Many of us think that faking a smile is better than not smiling at all. Things like laughter therapy reaffirm that belief. After all, won’t a fake smile trick our brains into feeling happy? Some studies suggest that isn’t the case. If you’ve been faking a smile and not feeling better for it, there could be a good reason. Scientists have discovered that it’s possible your fake smile makes your bad mood worse. The New York Times reported that ‘Trying to suppress negative thoughts, it turns out, may have made those thoughts even more persistent.’. So, all that hard work you’ve been putting into pretending may not have paid off.

But, fear not. Knowing this can help you. Know that, when you’re in a bad mood, you shouldn’t try and force your way through it. With that being the case, then, it’s important to find other ways to rid yourself of that negative feeling. Instead of forcing a smile, try to look for things that help you smile. Turning to friends who make your laugh is a much better option. Laughter still has a fantastic effect on us when we’re unhappy, just not when we force it to happen!

There are cons to anything and smiling is no exception.Smiling makes your feel good!

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