Dealing With Divorce: A Coping Guide For Women

dealing with divorce

Dealing With Divorce For Women

There’s very little in life that’s as emotionally difficult to cope with as a divorce. When you get married, you always assume that you’ll be together forever – all your hopes and dreams for the future are tied up in that one person that you’ve chosen to spend your life with. When that relationship ends, not only are you mourning for the loss of your partner and friend, but you’re also mourning for the version of the life that you had planned. Here are some tips to help you get through one of the toughest times in your life.

dealing with divorce


Get Legally Protected

Your ex-husband may have told you that he doesn’t want you to be badly impacted in any way by your split and that he wants you to keep the house, the car, the TV – but when your financial situation becomes clearer to him, this might change. You need to protect yourself and your children – don’t trust your ex, don’t listen to any promises he might make unless they’re in writing and confirmed by a court. Hire a divorce attorney who you get along well with and who has a record of making sure that women come out of divorces with successful outcomes, and prepare for battle.

dealng with divorce


Get Busy

There’s nothing that will make you feel worse than sitting at home alone. If you have kids, it might be hard to go out – babysitters are expensive and hard to get, plus you might not want to leave your kids too often if they’re in a state of emotional upheaval.

But it’s important that you throw yourself into the rest of your life. Start reading – maybe not romances, but horror and crime books are pretty easy to get through – and invite your friends over for dinner, or takeout if you don’t feel like cooking. Filling your life with other things will help mask the hole left by your former partner.

Ignore Social Media

Social media is the worst during a breakup. If your ex-has a new partner, you don’t want to see that – even if you’re getting over him, it’ll hurt and you’ll feel especially upset if there are any pictures of your kids with her. Hide him on social media or delete him for the time being. He isn’t your friend, he’s your ex for a reason, and you don’t have to play nice with him – you only have to be polite. Do what’s healthiest for you and delete your own Facebook for a while if it helps you to stop online stalking him.

dealing with divorce


Take The High Moral Ground

It’s a difficult ask, but whenever possible, try to detach yourself. Be calm, cool and icy. Crying will make you feel humiliated in the long run, and anger will wear down and you’ll be left with a relationship with him that’s even more damaged. The focus should be your children when dealing with divorce – they need parents who can get along to some extent. Make sure that they’re all your conversations with your ex-focus on. He’s somebody that you used to know now – and you have a great life and a new partner ahead of you.

Dealing with divorce is never easy but I hope this guide helps.

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