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Dating Advice: What Really Turns Off The Ladies

Are you wondering why she won’t go out with you again?

If you’ve visited this blog before you know my mission and passion in life is helping men and women find success and happiness in their relationships. Recently I’ve seen the real need to reach out to my male audience. I want to help out the guys with some great dating advice.

We see tons of blog posts, articles, videos out there to help women understand men and how to win at relationships but what about the guys? Who is helping the fellas out? Me! From this moment forward I am reaching out to the men.

Why? I’ll tell you. Communication and understanding are two key elements that make relationships so hard. We just don’t get each other at all. We, meaning men and women seem to really miss that one important point. We are wired differently. You probably hear it said so much you throw up in your mouth a little each time, I know..I know.. but here’s the thing. We know and yet we don’t apply it to our relationships. We go in thinking we are all on the same page, which we totally are not.

In this part of our journey let’s tackle that horribly awkward first date. You find someone you like, probably spend time texting and thinking you know the person, so much so that the first date is going to be magical and it winds up just being awkward. It happens to us all, the first meeting is never what we expect it will be.

If you’re wondering why she never got back in touch with you or ghosts you at every turn it could be there were some missteps, so I asked women what their top dating turnoffs were to help you!

dating advice

Dating Advice #1 You Talk Too Much About Yourself

When you don’t really know someone it is natural to talk about yourself, because that you know. There is also the fact that you want to impress her but the truth is talking about yourself can come off self-centered and self-involved. The best advice I have ever heard was to create a list of questions while you have the time to really think out what is important to you about a prospective partner.

Dating Advice #2 Dressing For The Occasion

You only have one shot at a first impression. I hate to say this but women tend to decide within the first half hour whether it’s even worth it to invest in you. As much as what your wearing is important to men and don’t even play and say it isn’t, it is important to us too.

That you are nicely dressed and groomed tells us that we are important enough to make the effort. Now I’m not saying a suit and tie, just well put together and ditch the sweats for real.

dating advice

Dating Advice #3 Put The Phone Away

Women said the most annoying thing on a date is a guy who is fiddling with the phone. I totally agree with this. Don’t get it twisted, I am totally addicted to my tech, but if I am there for you, you will have my total attention. I won’t be texting or checking my Facebook.

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Dating Advice #4 Keeping Your Options Open

That ole wandering eye. We know when you’re sizing up a woman. Sorry, but yes, we saw you look at her butt when you should have been looking in our eyes. Honestly, I find this cheesy at any stage of the relationship. It is natural to appreciate beautiful things but if you are checking out other women while you’re with me that tells me you’re not invested and why should I bother?

Dating Advice #5 Exes

Do I even need to tell you that on a first date there is no room for past relationships? Unless the other person asks, you totally shouldn’t even mention an ex and if she does ask, know that she is judging what you have to say about them. Keep it brief and positive. How you talk or treat past relationships is an indicator of how you will treat us as well.

Dating Advice #6 Bragging

My mama brought me up knowing you don’t discuss your money. While it is a fact that many men associate what they make with their identity, it’s just not a good idea until you know someone well. It comes off conceited. Keep job talk to a minimum because we will listen sure, but we will get bored as well. It is hard to relate to a conversation we have no stake in.

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Dating Advice #7 Too Much Too Soon

Unless there is a vibe or something agreed to you should pretty much know, sex on the first date just isn’t happening. The first date is all about finding out if there’s a spark otherwise the date itself would be in a hotel room. Getting physical too soon can definitely hurt your chances for anything else. Unfortunately, we live in a sexually repressed time and a relationship that starts with sex usually won’t last, which I think totally sucks by the way, when sex is the most natural thing two people can do, but there it is.

I hope this helps you, single men, out there trying to find that real connection we all crave. We all have a few dating turn-offs and hopefully this guides you to more successful first dates.


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