SexAndDatingSex And Dating

Seem like a ridiculous question? Well, it actually isn’t. Sex and Dating can be really confusing for both Men and Women. Both sexes face this issue of when is too soon. There are even experts that say things like 3 dates or three months.

If a man tries too soon it can totally change how he is perceived and a woman can seem slutty. When we first start dating someone emotions and hormones are out of control. It’s that period of discovery, It’s exciting, but there are questions you need to ask yourself before deciding.


What Are You Seeking?

You have to figure out what you are seeking in the person you are dating. Many moons ago I had a very free attitude when it came to sex. If I wanted to have sex, I did. Sometimes you know this isn’t really going to be a love match or a lasting relationship and it’s ok.

That being said, in the climate of STDs and HIV you have to be really careful. Meeting someone in a casual atmosphere and having a Sexual Encounter is risky, even with protection. I see nothing wrong with having a sexual partner you just have fun with if it doesn’t harm anyone. Meaning you are single of course and not emotionally invested.

sex and datingRelationships

If you have decided this is someone you want to pursue a relationship with then I would definitely wait. The great advantage is when you get to know a person, you get to know what they like and don’t like sexually. It is always a good idea to be open. Don’t mislead either.

Too often we don’t say what we want and need. We expect our partner to just know, but no one is a mind-reader and we all like different things sexually. I usually advise a month. Get to know their past experiences and how they match up with how you feel about sex.  Really talk and get to know each other on every level. Believe it or not, it heightens the excitement.

makeup-retouch-glamour-model-111137Sexual Tension

There is nothing sexier than the Sexual Tension. The buildup to the main event is almost as good. You should touch every chance you get. Sometimes just the way someone looks at you can make you feel shivery all over.

Sneak touches and kisses in public. The excitement of discovery definitely adds a little spark to your encounters. Don’t get arrested but touches under the table or in the elevator are fun.

sex and dating

This is the electronic age and a great opportunity to build Sexual Tension with sexting. Don’t knock the phone sex either. What we hear and imagine can be powerful. Just think about those songs that inspire lusty feelings. Barry White for instance, enough said. Imagination is arousing. Somehow the pictures we create in our minds create more desire and just make the intimacy that much more.

sex and dating

When considering Sex and Dating you have to figure out what you hope to get out of the relationship. Is it just for sex or is it something more? If it’s something more you want to know the person. If you rush they may lose interest. Always practice safe sex because being safe is better than sorry.

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