Dating Tips: What You Need To Know About Online Dating

online dating


My how dating has changed! The Internet has changed our lives right down to how we find love. What’s the drawback? We are not realistic in our expectations.
I think because there’s almost nothing we can’t get quickly ,this is the expectation with online dating.
RULE #1– people lie! especially online, a large majority are going to fib mostly about what they look like.
In my experience, a large number of men are looking for a fast hookup, which explains why more men are dating online than women.
The more attractive you are, the more views you will get which i imagine is one reason people lie online.
Sites like Match and EHarmony are still the leaders because of the matching feature.
online dating
The good aspect of Online Dating is getting to know someone without the pressure of a face to face date and meeting a larger scale of people from unlimited locations.

Online Dating Tips:

online dating
  • Video chat- Skype and Facetime are apps most people have, a good way to field the fibbers
  • Meet in a public place the first few times
  • There’s good and bad in dating, in general, keep in mind it’s not like ordering a pizza its gonna take time.

Online Dating can be a really great way to meet new people but be careful to set realistic expectations. Take the time to get to know the person and don’t be afraid to do a little investigating. Look at their Social Media, people tend to be unfiltered.

Know the signs if you are being lied to. Be cautious and at the same time be open. I know this can be really confusing but the Internet has become our mode of communicating as well as informative. Be really careful about the details you share with people online.

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