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There is a growing popularity for Detox Vacations that rejuvenate the mind and cleanse the soul. As we become a society more intent on the benefits of healthy eating and exercising we also want to incorporate this into our holidays. A detox holiday can help you lose weight, reduce stress and boost your well-being. Away from your regular life, it is often easier to start a program like this.

 For others, a detox destination program is essential as rehabilitation for substance abuse. Today we’re going to take a look at these two very different types detox programs and how they can be beneficial for your life. As we prepare to go into the year 2017, isn’t it time you started to put your health first too?


Detox Destinations Worth A Look



Beachside Rehabilitation Detox

If you or a family member has an issue with substance abuse, more often than not, rehab is the only answer. And putting someone on a program that takes them away from their normal life can be a beneficial way to kick start them on the road to recovery.



Beachside private recovery centers offer a luxury facility under the eye of highly trained clinicians. The goal of these programs is to help you or your family member/friend to move n from substance abuse and detox. They will include on-site medical teams and trained psychiatrists who can all aid in recovery. The approach is not just to get clean but to continue to stay clean. Beachside detox centers allow guests access to all the latest facilities and training. And all in comfortable surrounds and a luxury environment.

This can help ease the transition into a new way of thinking about life. Another reason to choose such detox centers is that they offer complete privacy and seclusion. And with a beautiful setting, you can immediately feel the effects of relaxation and rejuvenation. Each guest will receive a highly personalized detox plan with a treatment of the mind, body, and soul at the forefront.

Choosing to go into rehab and begin a detox journey can be scary and nerve-wracking. But with round the clock care in beautiful surrounds, it can make the transition a little more calming. A medical detox can be a difficult time to go through, so ensuring you are in the hands of highly trained staff 24 hours a day can be extremely reassuring.

A sense of purpose n the world is one of the small steps in training your brain out of abuse. And when surrounded by all that nature has to offer, you are aided on your road to recovery. If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction, it is probably time to invest in an intensive treatment program. It could help change their lives. 

Detox Holidays For Health And Wellbeing




From India to Thailand and Italy to Bali, there are many resort detox holidays that will provide you with the ultimate cleanse. A detox destination holiday is great to do solo or with a group of friends. It’s ideal at the end of the year or at the beginning of a new year to get you on the road to ultimate health and wellbeing. Detox retreats are perfect for losing weight, cleansing your body and relaxing your mind.

In Italy, you can head to the Ti Sana Liver Detox. This is a great program if you feel that you have put a strain on your liver by overindulging in alcohol and a diet rich in saturated fats and sugar. The resort is located near Milan. And it offers luxury accommodation, great amenities, and an intensive health program. The program addresses problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and hypothyroidism.

Results include a reduction in weight, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced fat mass. The surrounds are truly stupendous, and you will feel relaxed from the get-go. Activities on offer include nutritional cookery classes, Nordic walking, martial fitness, Yoga, Pilates and personal training.  




If you are interested in Ayurvedic therapies why not head to India and visit the Ananda Detox Resort in the Himalayas? This award-winning luxury spa destination is a journey of spiritual rediscovery. Its aim is to restore balance and harmony in your life.

The goals of a detox here are weight loss, rejuvenation, and anti-ageing. Complimentary activities include morning stretches, Hatha Yoga, meditation, mountain hikes and spa orientation. You will also be put on a cleansing Ayurvedic diet to help you detox and increase your health. Or perhaps you want to head to the verdant island of Bali for a thorough cleanse and detox in exquisite surrounds.



The COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali is the perfect place to do this. Located near Ubud, this resort is abundant in nature. And the hotel offers bewitching pools, luxury accommodation, and delicious cuisine. There is also a resident Yoga teacher, dietician and Ayurvedic doctor on board. The program offers a holistic approach to detoxing. There are state-of-the-art facilities and lots of complimentary daily activities.

The focus on nutrition is immense. Included is a cuisine that increases your health and energy and that works on resolving any blood-sugar level problems. Wellness programs include Cleanse, Stress Management, Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine.

You will receive a wellness consultation, treatments, and private lessons. And also a complete menu from breakfast through to dinner. There are cleansing spa treatments, regular activities and wellness consultants on hand throughout your stay. This retreat can be enjoyed solo, with friends, but also with all the family.



The benefits of a detox retreat are immense. Creating a balance in your life will feel rejuvenating and invigorating. And being a luxury destination will spur you on to try your hardest. Detox retreats can help stabilize your immune system, your weight, and your metabolism.



Getting out of the rat race and back to nature is one of the best ways to get your body back on track. You will return feeling happier, healthier and lighter. And you will also gain increased motivation and dedication to continue once you get back home. A throughout cleanse in an exotic location can improve your sleep, relieve joint pains, enhance your liver function. A detox destination can start you on a path full of vitality and well-being for the future. Here’s to a healthy 2017!

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