amicable divorceIs It Possible To Have An Amicable Divorce?


It’s never the happiest time of anyone’s lives when two people go through a divorce. There can be a lot of backbiting, and emotional issues brought to the fore, not to mention the effect it may have if there are children involved. And while the temptation to become petty-minded and going to divorce proceedings and family law with the intention of taking your partner to the cleaners, it’s always important to remember that it’s better to make it a win-win situation for the both sides if possible and handle an uncontested divorce with sensitivity.


There was a time after dealing with divorce mediation I would have said no way but I have seen many couples pull it off and here is how you can too with this useful divorce advice.



Identify Problem Areas

Nobody likes to do hard work when it comes to finalizing even an uncontested divorce, but when you approach the subject of divorce┬ámediation, it needs to be with a work mindset rather than a greedy one. When working with divorce attorneys, you need to remember that they’ve been through this a million times before and they may know better what you want out of the situation than you do!



Plenty of organizations like Tulsa Divorce Attorneys and Associates work with the clients to help calm the emotional aspect of the case, as tempers can fly, but it’s important to identify specific problem areas and offer compromises where you can. This will be of great benefit to you during the legal proceedings.


Come Clean

Honesty in the amicable divorce process is a much better policy rather than trying to hide information or make false claims about assets. If either one of you is being dishonest about things like income, the divorce mediation process will most likely come to a halt, which leaves you both with the hassle of trying to find a new route to go down to make the divorce work.



By the same token coming clean means stating what you need and why you need this. A common issue in many divorces and breakups is that one side thinks that they put in more than the other, but this attitude will only serve to drag out the proceedings. So it’s best for you both to be generous enough for the other party because if you are both willing to do more than what you think is required, you can both move on.


You Could Still Have A Relationship

Just because you are getting divorced doesn’t mean that you don’t have to sever your relationship completely. This is especially potent when it comes to helping your children cope with child custody issues. For it to work for your child custody, you still both need to be there and many couples have found the right balance to ensure that they are both sharing the parenting duties equally, while not letting the unfortunate circumstances dictate the mood.



amicable divorce


When it comes to looking after your children’s welfare, it’s much more healthy to look out for common interests rather than taking a personal stance against something. For example, if you stated that you need the children half the time this is classed as a personal position, so it’s about finding common ground and doing a bit more for the other person.


Divorce even amicable divorce, unfortunately, is far more common now than it ever used to be and so the process deserves to be as stress-free as possible for you, your partner, and everybody involved.


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