Learning Curves: Getting Your Driving Confidence Back



How To Be Confident Again Driving


Unfortunately, car accidents are so common. We’ve all had our fair share of close calls, but what happens when that close call gets too close? It can shake your confidence up majorly.  I can definitely relate to this which was the main reason for this article, so I could move past my fears.  Sometimes an accident is so bad that some people can’t get behind the wheel ever again. However, there are always two build up your confidence and get behind the wheel again. Here are some approaches to take.


Become A Passenger


A great way to build up your confidence to moving back into the driver’s seat is by taking the seat next to it! You could do this while the driver is making short journeys such as down the road or to the shops. Accompanying someone while they are driving around local areas is a great idea because the speed limits will be quite slow. If you start off while going on a journey during a less busy time of day, you can gradually build up to being a passenger in a busy time of day. If it helps, spending time in a larger car, like a van or a 4×4 rental will help because those types of cars are built for safety. The trick is to gradually build up in your confidence, one step at a time.


Acclimatize To Being Behind The Wheel


If you have spent enough time as a passenger, then if you are ready it is time to get behind the wheel. There’s no need to dive straight in and drive for hours. Start small.  Even if it means just getting in the driver’s seat just to get a feeling of what it is like behind the wheel.  You could just sit in the car and get a feel for the pedals.



It is all going in the right direction. Once you have the confidence, turn the key.  And remember to get to this point you have done a very difficult thing! So congratulate yourself.

The best way would be to drive around roads that you know really well, such as in your local area. However, if you live in an area that is very busy, try and find the time to go out in the middle of the night. As there will be a lot less traffic so you can focus on the task of driving.

Do Short Journeys

After you’ve done a little journey, even as small as five minutes, the next time you go out just aim for 6 minutes.  Then each time you go out just drive a little bit longer. Making baby steps is the best way, and the more you get used to the roads in your area the more confident you will get. Driving is an automatic process after a while, and so it will begin returning in that manner the more you drive.

Finally, it never hurts to relearn the rules of the road, as this can help with peace of mind and you are taking the time to invest in your abilities. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to prevent accidents and drive safely. These things take time so don’t lose heart! And before you know it you will be a strong, confident woman behind the wheel!

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