eco-friendly fashionHow To Be Eco-Friendly Fashion & Beauty Forward

At the moment, the world has numerous pressing issues on its plate. Humans have to work together like never before to solve problems which affect the entire world. Finance, war, and the environment are some of the biggest of them all. But, these challenges don’t have to be faced on a global scale alone. Instead, you have the power to make changes in your life which benefit humanity as a whole. For this post, the big issue will be our natural world and organic clothing. To help you out, it will be going through some of the best ways to work towards responsible beauty and eco- friendly fashion, without having to spend a small fortune. So, now, you just have to get out there and start shopping!


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  • Organic Clothing


When you’re buying clothing, it can be very hard to make sure that you’re choosing items which are good for the world. Unfortunately, too much of the clothing industry is dominated by greed. The avarice big brands exhibit is so great, in fact, that it can have a massive impact on areas across the world.


Cheap materials are used which consume our vital fossil fuels, to save costs and make production faster. Slave and child labour is often used, to make the whole process cheaper, at the expense of people’s lives. You don’t have to feel guilty about your clothing, though. Instead, you just need to be getting the right stuff which includes organic clothing.


One of the most damaging aspects of the clothing industry is found in the materials used to make the garments themselves. When you look at clothing labels, you’ll often see materials like polyester showing up. When something has poly at the start of its name, it usually means that it’s an oil-based plastic.


Materials which are made from crude oil are responsible for using resources which are running out very quickly. So, instead, it’s better to look for clothing made from materials like cotton, which comes from plants. Or, like wool, which comes from sheep. Hemp is quickly becoming one of the best clothing materials out there.




Of course, sometimes, buying something entirely new can be the worst thing to do. Instead, a lot of people like to look for ways to make their clothing into a recycling effort. In most places, you will have access to plenty of second-hand and charity clothing stores. This sorts of places take donations from members of the community and sell them for very little.


You can often get great deals on nearly new clothing at stores. And, you don’t have to feel bad about buying something new. Along with this, clothing can be repurposed to match the needs to have for it. With a bit of learning, it’s easy to make your own outfits out of the items you find in stores like these. This is all while avoiding contributing to the impact of mass production.


Despite increasing public pressure, a lot of larger clothing companies are choosing to stick to their guns and use bad practice to make their clothing cheaper. But, the only reason they can give you something so cheap is that they are exploiting someone or something further down the line. Transparency has become a big part of the clothing industry, and this can be seen in the swath of new companies offering clothing which is responsible and ethical. Items like this will often cost a little bit more than the other options to have around you. But, this extra cost is worth it when you consider the good you’re doing.




  • Makeup


Makeup is a different game to clothing. Instead of worrying so much about exploitation or environmental impact, it’s time to be concerned with the product’s effects on you. When you’re putting something on your skin each and every day, it’s important that you understand exactly what is inside it. Thankfully, when it comes to makeup, you have loads of places to look



. For example, a company like bareMinerals uses very basic and easy to understand ingredients in their makeup. Crushed up rocks and carefully chosen plant extracts are used to create options for any type of skin. Makeup can be a big challenge for anyone with sensitive skin. But, with natural options, you don’t have to be quite so worried.


When you’re looking for eco-friendly makeup options, it’s wise to look at as many options as you possibly can. This will give you the chance to compare the different products, finding their strengths and weaknesses. Customer reviews can provide you with a great resource.


But, you should also consider weather experts have to say, as well. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to try all of the options you find. Instead, you will have to find whatever you want to buy online. Websites like Amazon have loads of great options for most products. But, you might be able to find better deals if you spend some time searching.




Why exactly could unnatural makeup be bad for you, though? In a lot of cases, the normal options you have will be absolutely fine in day to day use. But, over the years, the harsher chemicals in these products could start to have an effect on your skin. A lot of people notice that some makeup brands will cause them to have outbreaks of spots.


And, others find that their skin will go dry when they use too much makeup. Along with these issues, the companies making these products often test them on animals. Companies choosing to make their makeup eco-friendly are much less likely to do this, saving pain and suffering on a large level.



  • Perfume, Shampoo, And Others


When washing and making your body smell nice, you expose it to some of the strongest chemicals in the lineup. Soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and loads of other cosmetic goods are used by today’s public to give themselves a little extra. But, with a lot of these chemicals being so strong, they’re almost certainly going to cause some sort of harm over time. Of course, like in the makeup industry, animal testing is still very popular among companies making cosmetics. So, this is an issue to look out for here, too.


Everyone loves to go out knowing they smell great. When people notice the scent you’re wearing, asking where you found it, it can be a great feeling. Unfortunately, though, the modern world has made it harder and harder to achieve this level of mystery. Perfumes are available almost everywhere, making it hard to find something which other people already use. And, of course, this is ignoring the possible issues found with cheaper, lab-made perfumes. These products are almost always tested on animals.



They use cheap ingredients, designed to save money instead of being good for your skin. Chemical-free perfumes come in loads of different scents and varieties. They cost a little more than their cousins. But, this extra bit of expense could be well worth it. Being made from eco-friendly extracts like mint and frankincense, perfumes like this will always smell unique and interesting.


So, this could be the perfect way to get people asking you questions about your perfume. Being made from natural materials also greatly limits the chance that irresponsible ingredients have used, too. This makes natural perfumes the best way to go, for more than one reason.




Not a lot of people realize that their hair is one of the most sensitive parts of their body. When hair is mistreated, it will often quickly start to show the signs of abuse. For example, failing to brush your hair will result in it getting tangled. But, it could be much worse than this. Over time, repeatedly washing your hair with harsh chemicals will cause irreparable damage. Split ends will form, and, eventually, hair could even start to fall out. Choosing the right products for your hair is a challenge. With so many products out there, you’re given too much choice to make an informed decision. But, it doesn’t have to be this way with so many eco-friendly products now available.


Thankfully, there are loads of companies out there which dedicate themselves to making eco-friendly products like shampoo and conditioner. For example, Lush products, from the UK, are made using ingredients anyone could access at home. Making products like this ensures that their range is safe to use. And, it also helps to keep each and every product at the same level of quality. The ingredients used will be fairly and responsibly sourced, so that they don’t hurt the planet. Getting products from a company like this is the very best way to ensure that you’re not causing damage to your hair with them.


Hopefully, this post will help you to start making some eco-based changes to your wardrobe and bathroom. A lot of people ignore the benefits of avoiding lab-made products. And, some don’t even realize that options like these exist. As the world gets smaller, humans are going to have to work together more than ever to see change. But, you can still do your part at home to make sure you’re making a difference. Now is the best time to start, but it won’t be too late for just a little bit longer.

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