eco-friendly weddingEco-Friendly Wedding Tips

You’ve seen the advice on how to be eco-friendly with your fashion and beauty choices, but now it’s time to step it up a notch. Now it’s time to learn how to plan an eco-friendly wedding! Read on to see how you can be as green as can be when it comes to all the important parts of a wedding.

The Wedding Dress

You can breathe a sigh of relief because going green with your wedding does not mean that your wedding dress needs to be the color green. It does, however, mean that your wedding dress should be as eco-friendly as possible. And there are many things you can do to make this happen.

eco-friendly wedding

The simplest thing to do is to simply re-wear a dress or gown that has been worn before — maybe by a family member, such as your mother or grandmother. By doing so you instantly cut down on the need for new materials to be used in the making of a new dress. And if the dress you seek to recycle isn’t to your taste, then simply upcycle it. Have a seamstress make additions and changes to it that makes it more your style.

But if you wish to wear a brand new dress, then you can do so while still being green. One way to do so is to have a designer that uses sustainable fabrics and materials, such as organic cotton and silks, create your dress for you.

The Ring

The engagement and wedding rings are a hugely important factor in any wedding, so they can never be shirked upon. But what can be shirked upon when it comes to the purchasing of a ring is the environmental costs that were spent to create it. Yes, some types of ring and other pieces of jewelry were wrought in circumstances that were damaging to the environment. And if you truly want your wedding to be as green as can be, you wouldn’t choose a ring created in this fashion.

Instead, you would choose an ethical ring that was made beyond conflict, such as those provided by Brilliant Earth. By doing so, not only would you be helping your wedding and marriage to be all it can be, but you’d be helping the planet we call home, earth, too.

The Venue

The venues of both the wedding and the reception that follows it really help to set the scene and theme of the whole day and event. So, if you want your wedding’s scene and theme to be green, you’re going to make some big decisions regarding your venues. And the first thing you should decide is whether you want your wedding to be outside or not.

Well, nothing is greener than the outside world, right? If you do have your ceremony and even your reception outside, not only will your eco-friendly wedding theme be green, but you’d also be saving on the emission of harmful energies too. But if having your wedding in a scenic park, beach barn or vineyard isn’t your style, then you can have a wedding indoors and still make it green. One way to do is to choose a venue that gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day, so as to save on lighting emissions. What you should also do is have the ceremony and reception take place in the same venue in order to cut back on the fuel emissions given off when your guests travel from place to place.


Weddings need not be costly for the climate. They need not contribute to global warming. They need not be harmful to our planet. So, bare this in mind when the time to plan your eco-friendly wedding comes around!

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