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Welcome Back To The Single Life!

If you’re new to the single life, you might be wondering how you can make the most of it. Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a really long time, and you’re finding it difficult to adjust? Or maybe you’ve been dating aimlessly for a while and fancy some time out to take care of you? Whatever your reason, you need to find a way to enjoy it, and then a way to pull away from it again and back into the dating pool.

What Have You Missed?

Start by thinking about all the things you weren’t doing when you were with someone. Did you miss out on watching your favorite TV shows? Perhaps you hadn’t been to the gym for a while? Or maybe you really can’t wait to grab some food from that fast food place your last partner really hated! Whatever you’ve been missing, even if it’s just slumming around in your holey joggers, embrace it and welcome it back!

single life

Reconnect With Lost Friends

Single life gives you more opportunities to hang out with your friends again. Make a point of getting in contact and arranging nights in, nights out, and even a fun class or two. You might choose to have a spa day together. Enjoy massages, pampering, and a treatment or two to celebrate this period of your life. Have you thought about seeing more of your parents or siblings now you’re not so busy?

single lifeGive Your Career A Boost

Your career might welcome a little more attention. You don’t have to rush off at 6 anymore. What could you do at work by staying a little later? Perhaps you can undertake some distance learning, or push for that promotion? Why not spend time getting to know your colleagues a little better by heading out for drinks after work?

Picking Up An Ex?

If your relationship was serious or you’ve previously divorced, you might wonder about getting back together with your ex. Perhaps your intentions are purely platonic? It’s obviously important to consider the implications of getting back with an ex. What will their thoughts and feelings be if you haven’t been in contact for a while? And what happens if this new reboot of your relationship fails as well?

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Getting Back To Dating

Nobody truly wants to stay single forever, but there’s no need to rush this transitional phase. It’s always worth exploring all the opportunities that present themselves, even if that includes getting back together with the person you just broke up with. Be careful not to feel too dependent on the other person. Use this time as a single gal to invest in you, your independence, and your personal confidence.

single life

So what are you up for right now? To enjoy single life, it’s usually best to embrace it. That means letting go of all that has come before. It means spoiling yourself, indulging in the things you want to do. If that includes a bit of harmless flirting, then why not? It can help your confidence, and can also give you practice for when you spot someone you truly want to invest some of your time with. Enjoy singlehood!


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