Everyday Facts Girls With Big Boobs Can Relate To


Big Boobs

Living With Big Boobs

I know you’re thinking, Is she serious right now? This is a topic I didn’t have to do any research on and purely for fun. I haven’t had big boobs all my life. After having my second child they just appeared (true story) and naturally, being a little off I was convinced something was wrong. I went to the doctor and explained to him that surely I must have tumors or something because you don’t go from a low b to a high d overnight?

After he had a good laugh, he explained that this can happen after childbirth and is completely normal while trying not to shoot me the wtf look again. So yet another gift from my children(bless their hearts). I won’t lie and say I would ever go back because they look amazing, but it does come with its own set of problems . Let’s explore them and my solutions. Maybe you can relate.


big boobs
My Daughter Tay, Is she not gorg?

A Real Attention Magnet

People are always looking. That isn’t bragging its just a fact. While you realize that is going to happen and truth is,  we love attention but it gets to be a little much at times. People will actually talk to them and I am constantly wanting to shout, Look Up!!!

Maybe it is thought because we show cleavage we want attention. When you have big boobs, there is always cleavage. I could be covered up to my neck and you would still know that they are big.

big boobs

Exercising With Big Boobs

Big boobs and exercise is a challenge. I used to go to a gym and found I had to be really careful about what I wore. Running outside or on a Treadmill encouraged the “bounce” which not only made people look, it could be really painful as well.


I tried wearing a super tight sports bra and even more than one but that was super sweaty. Finally, they started making good ones with padding and lift to them. Invest in a good sports bra, it is worth the money.


big boobs

Forget Ever Sleeping On Your Stomach

Laying or sleeping on your stomach is impossible. I used to always do this so it made me feel some kind of way. What I do is sleep half on my side which I know isn’t really good for your back.

The beach can be challenging, we all want to flip over right? The only way I can is with big boobs up, leaning on my arms. Even getting a massage was difficult but I powered through, I’m not that crazy.

big boobs

Are You Sure That’s A Large?

Finally, my biggest problem in having big boobs is clothes!

The Clothing Industry has made it impossible for women with big boobs. Let’s start with bras. If your top heavy and want cute bras, forget it. We need more support and push-up bras don’t work for us, most of our boobage will fall out over the top which looks horrid in clothes.

If you, like me have big boobs I suggest getting measured to ensure you are wearing the right size. Buy quality bras, making sure you have a thicker band across your back and thicker straps, we need more support.

big boobs

Finding clothes to fit can be challenging. Larges aren’t really large anymore and plus size clothes, even tops are just too full figured.

Dresses are impossible because what fits the bottom doesn’t fit the top. One suggestion is Halter Dresses. Just forget Strapless Dresses.


Some good news is Bathing Suit separates. You can now buy pieces separately which really helps. In the past buying a suit if you have big boobs was a treasure hunt. I will be honest in saying at one point I was wearing shorts and a Sports Bra.

So these have been a few of my challenges. There are challenges for women no matter their size. Hope, you enjoyed it, learned something and maybe giggled a little.

The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

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Fabiola Rodriguez

hahahaha! I can totally relate to this! I’ve had big boobs all my life, and they do come with their own set of troubles. My top problems are sports bras and finding tops and blouses that fit. Also, backaches (which have improved since I started working out), and getting food stains all the time (because every single little crumb and drop just has to fall on your chest!!). Life with big boobs isn’t always a breeze.


LOL! I can’t relate since I’m not as endowed in that dept but I can totally imagine the struggle. I would say it’s probably similar to having a big butt. Shopping for pants that actually fit everywhere has it’s challenges. You’re so right about investing in a good sports bra though. Even I feel like mine isn’t supportive enough so this reminded me that I need to get a better one to support my girls. 🙂


The problems that big boobs offer has no compensation. The tight clothing, the catch all system, the looks that we may get
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This Mum's Life
Oh my goodness, I can totally relate to this!! And I’ve not met anyone with the same affliction! All my friends are complaining that their boobs are empty, sagging, and half the size, but mine are also now huge! I also had the same concerns that I had a serious problem! However, I don’t like these new assets, and I’d love to have them reduced back to their original size-which I was happy with. I always slept on my stomach-not anymore!! And I’m still trying to find a decent sports bra, so I wear a normal one, with a sports… Read more »

This is a cute and humorous post but a lot of things you said are so real. Breasts do change shape and size. You can either gain an ample bosom during pregnancy and you can lose it once it’s over too! Until you reach forty breasts can change size quite a bit. Then in your forties, they find a comfortable size and stay there.

Anna Nuttall

I do skipping at the gym and my gosh I have to make my girls are not bouncing around. Especially if there are guys there.

Men are difficult to buy for, there’s no doubt about…
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