Exercise Your Brain And Improve Memory With Puzzles



Memory Loss

Have you seen my keys? How many times do we say that or walk into a room, forgetting why we are there. It can happen to anyone at any age but tends to be most noticeable as we age. It becomes a real feaf as we age because of Alzheimer’s.

There are reasons for Memory loss that perhaps go unrecognized. Taking too many medications or feeling blue, even depression can cause you to be forgetful. Lack of sleep is a leading cause and it is believed that’s because we don’t sleep deeply.

People with conditions such as Apnea are very susceptible because they wake up frequently during  the night. It is also possible to have Silent Strokes. You may have a stroke and not even know it. It can directly cause loss in brain function.

Getting the right nutrients plays a role as well. Vitamins such as Vitamin b12. Lack of this vitamin can cause noticeable memory loss and lead to Dementia.


Women And Memory Loss

In our forties ,we start to experience Menopausal symptoms and forgetfulness is one of them. It is due to the hormonal balance. It can be so frustrating and have a direct impact on the rest of your life. These are the reasons proper nutrition is so important.


Improve Memory With Puzzles

There have been quite a few important studies into how Jigsaw puzzles can help your memory and overall well-being that you probably never thought of. I know when I discovered it again it had been ages since even considering puzzles.

Your brain needs exercise the same way your body does, the way you need food for energy. It is about so much more than the activity. It activates the hidden information already stored in your mind . Energizes the creative process and forms new ideas.

There are two sides to your brain, The right deals with emotions and tasks while the left is linear. Jigsaw Puzzles allow you to utilize both sides ,therefore using all your brainpower and making you smarter. The studies revealed enhanced memory skills and prevention of related diseases.

When engaged in puzzles, the brain releases Dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain responsible for learning. They keep us focused and alert while reducing stress, lowering our heart and breath rate as well.


Where to find them

Stores still sell them of course. In the time of being able to find anything online puzzles are no different. There are oodles of gaming sites but my favorite online spot for Jigsaw Puzzles is JSPuzzles

You can access a wide variety of jigsaw puzzles that are updated regularly. There are also other games such as Sudoku and Solitaire. What I loved was they have tutorials as well, for you beginners.

All in all, remember Memory Loss doesn’t have to be just accepted. You have to exercise your brain and Jigsaw puzzles are great for brain function, stress, and overall well-being.

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