beauty mythbusterBe A Beauty Mythbuster

For too long we humans have been swearing by specific beauty regimes and refusing to try anything different. For too long we have been believing that the ‘normal’ way to do makeup and hair is the only way to do them. For too long we have been believing that there is only one way to be beautiful, and that’s to look like everybody else. For too long we have been changing our own regimes and even lifestyles to match those who are deemed to be the epitome of beauty. But now it’s time to stop doing these things. Now it’s time to start doing your own thing and being beautiful in your way. Now, it’s time to start being our own Beauty Mythbusters. Specifically, now it’s time to start rebelling against the myths below.


Beauty Mythbusters
Beauty Mythbusters 1: Fake equals ugly

Today, there seems to be a prejudice against those who don’t take the natural route when seeking to be beautiful. There seems to be an idea in the world of beauty that you have to be completely natural in order to be beautiful. But this prejudice is unjust, and this idea is untrue. Just because somebody has decided to put a little bit more makeup than someone else, it does not make them ugly. Just because somebody has tape in extensions attached to their hair, it doesn’t mean they and their hair do not look amazing. Just because somebody has had a bit of nip and tuck, botox or even plastic surgery performed on their body, it does not mean they are not beautiful. Everybody is beautiful, whether they’re ‘fake’ or not.

Beauty Mythbusters 2: Smiling causes wrinkles

Science says smiling does not cause wrinkles, such as crow’s-feet around the eyes, and science does not lie, so this is most certainly a myth! Instead, it is squinting, exposure to the sun and for hereditary reasons that wrinkles appear. So, don’t stop smiling in fear that it will come back to haunt you in the form of wrinkles as you age because it won’t happen!

Beauty Mythbusters
Beauty Mythbusters 3: It is safer to tan in a tanning bed than it is to tan in the sun

No! No, no, no. This one is definitely not true, and it can be very dangerous if it is believed to be. It is agreed amongst trained dermatologists that using a tanning bed is categorically NOT a safer alternative to tanning in the rays of the sun. And the reason for this is that tanning beds are to blame for the sharp rise in recent times of melanoma — the most dangerous form of skin cancer there is. So, if you are in desperate need of a tan, book yourself a flight to a hot country and get yourself in the sun!

If being a Beauty Mythbuster and debunking beauty myths is something you want to do, then fear not because there are loads of them out there just waiting for you to prove them wrong! So, go out there and bust all the beauty myths you want; by doing so, you might just start the next big beauty revolution.

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