Fantastic Tips To Help You Adjust To Life In A Wheelchair


How To Adjust To A Life In A Wheelchair


If you have been in a serious accident or suffer from a disability, you may need to learn how to adapt to life in a wheelchair. This won’t be the easiest change to make in your life, but it is something that you will certainly be able to get used to. You just need to take some time to get used to your new way of living. To ensure that this life transition goes as smoothly as possible, here are some fantastic tips that will help you adjust to your new life in a wheelchair.


Adapt Your Home

Fantastic Tips To Help You Adjust To Life In A Wheelchair


One of the most important things you will need to do is adapt your home. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible on some properties, and if you are renting, so you may need to move out into a better house that is better suited for people with disabilities. For instance, you might find life easier in a bungalow. However, if your property can be adapted for your wheelchair, you’ll be able to add features such as chair lifts and handrails. You can see more about these kinds of adaptations on websites like


Consider The Type Of Wheelchair Tires


There are two different types of tires that you can use on your wheelchair. The most common are solid tires. These have one clear advantage, and that is that they require no maintenance. As they are completely solid, you don’t have to worry about them going flat after you run over some glass.

However, they can sometimes make sitting in the wheelchair uncomfortable, especially when you run over a bumpy surface. Your other option is inflated tires. These can get punctures but can be changed just like a bike tire. The main reason why people choose inflatable tires is that they make the ride in the wheelchair very comfortable indeed!


Work On Your Upper Body Strength


You may not be as mobile as you once were now that you live in a chair, but it is still important to ensure that your upper body is still strong. This can prevent your back from developing aches and pains from sitting down all day.

Not only that, though, but it can really help you keep your strength up when you are moving around and driving your chair yourself. There are lots of upper body exercises that you can do in your chair. You can find out about them online at


Plan Any Outings Thoroughly

If you are planning on a day out, it is important that you carefully plan it. Unfortunately, not everywhere is suited to wheelchair users, and you may not be able to get into certain attractions and restaurants. It’s a good idea to call in advance to make sure that there is disabled access. Otherwise, you could get there and find that you can’t get in!
You will find life in a wheelchair difficult at first, but don’t lose heart. You’ll definitely get used to it!

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