When I first had the idea for this post I guess I thought this was going to be one of those easy breezy pieces. Something just for fun. To be honest, the more I read about it, the more fascinated I became.

We think that we pick our favorite colors for superficial reasons. It’s pretty, it looks good with my eyes etcetera. That actually is far from the truth. There is a psychology to it I had never considered.

The colors we feel drawn to actually have an emotional and psychological basis. 


Color Therapy 

Color Therapy is a Holistic, Alternative treatment used to balance energy in the areas of our bodies that need vibrancy. It can be Physical, Mental Emotional, or Mental.

When you strongly dislike colors, Color Therapists say that is a sign there are areas in our life we need to work on. That the balance of our energy is off. I strongly dislike the color white. I won’t buy white clothing or shoes etc. I’m guessing that means I’m against purity, yikes.

I took a color personality test and it said I seek love and constant acceptance. You can find the test here



RED: energy>war>danger>strength>power>passion>desire>love
The color red is an emotional color. It makes our pulses race and our metabolism spike. It stimulates you to be impulsive. That is why you will find it on signs and buy now buttons.
PINK: romance>love>friendship>compassion>understanding
Dark pink or hot pink (my color) represents passion and desire.
ORANGE: energy>happiness
When you see orange you tend to think of the sun. It has a dual meaning since it is the combination of red and yellow. It stimulates us mentally, making us feel energized.It is often used to sell food and toys.
Gold is a hue of orange and people often associate it with wealth and wisdom.
YELLOW: happiness>warmth
Yellow is the happy hue. It makes us feel warm and actually energizes muscle energy.
GREEN: safety>growth>harmony
Green is what we think about when we think of nature. It makes us feel safe and in-balance
Dark green,however, reminds people of darker emotions like greed and jealousy.
BLUE: depth>stability>trust>loyalty>truth
Ever notice how men who work in suits typically wear blue shirts? This is exactly why it put’s people at ease and trust more easily. We are more apt to take a person wearing blue, more seriously. However, blue has the opposite effect on hunger.
PURPLE: luxury>ambition>power
Purple is a power shade surprisingly but also has a magical, mysterious quality to it. Light purple makes us feel romantic and dark purple elicits darker feelings like sadness.
WHITE: purity>goodness>perfection
White represents perfection to many people and I think that is why I don’t like it. It is often perceived as clean as well. While black represents mystery and fear.
BROWN: comfort>simplicity
Brown is often thought of as earthy. People often associate it with friendly and welcoming
GRAY: detached>indecisive
To many, myself included gray is thought of as a boring color. It is labeled as a place in the middle and associated with compromise.

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