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Christmas is only a matter of weeks away so I’m sure you’re already thinking about what you can buy for everyone.

We all have one friend who is totally obsessed with food. They love spending hours in the kitchen creating new dishes and flavors. They may even have their very own food blog. But one thing is for sure, they will absolutely adore food! What do you get the foodie in your life this Christmas? It’s true, they can be particularly difficult to buy for. Hopefully, some of the following ideas will help you come to a decision.


A Cheese Hamper


Most foodies love cheese. Even if they don’t like all cheeses, I’m sure that your friend will absolutely love one type. Perhaps they are a fan of strong cheeses like Stilton or Cheddar. Or maybe they prefer something softer, such as ricotta or Gouda. Whatever your foodie friend’s preference is, you will certainly find something in a cheese gift hamper.



I’m sure whatever you pick will tickle their taste buds. For something extra special, you could gift them a hamper that includes Chutney and Wine!


Wine Making Kit

Talking of wine, why not buy your friend a kit that allows them to make wine at home? You can find these kits in many stores, but if you struggle to find one in your local area, you can always order one online. The kit will include all the necessary equipment that you’ll need to get started. You will be able to find kits that make different types of wine, so you will easily be able to find one that will make your friend’s favorite wine!

Recipe Books

I’m sure your foodie friend will already have plenty of recipe books in their kitchen, but they can never have too many! And new ones are constantly being published, so there will always be a new one to add to their collection. The current food trend is for clean and healthy eating, so why not treat your friend to one of the latest popular books that promote healthy eating? Alternatively, you could just buy them a recipe book by one of their favorite celebrity chefs.


Tea Set

Tea is extremely popular right now. In fact, many think that it will overtake coffee in terms of popularity if things continue at the same rate! So why not treat your friend to a cute tea set. You will be able to find lots of pretty vintage-inspired tea sets that include a teapot, cups, and saucers. You could even add a selection of different teas so that your friend can try making different varieties with their set! My favorite pick for foodie gifts.

Professional Knives


Every foodie wants to have the best equipment in their kitchen. And one of the first things foodies try to buy is a professional knife set. Hasn’t your buddy got one already? Then why not get them one this Christmas! It will make a big difference to their cookery, and it will put you instantly in their good books!



Everyone has someone in their life who loves to cook and that’s why I hope you found this guide to foodie gifts helpful. What’s on your list?


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