Great Ways To Make Your Relationship Last

The honeymoon period is a real thing. It can last for years, especially if you and your partner haven’t lived together for long. But the end of a honeymoon period isn’t where love starts fading. It’s where a lifelong relationship really begins and all those conversations about commitment start really making sense. It takes work to make any real long relationship with depth count, romantic or not. When it comes to you and your partner, it takes a few special kinds of work in particular. Believe me, I know, I’m on my second time around.


After the honeymoon period is when we start making mistakes. Big or small, they can add up and put a lot of strain on the relationship, especially if we start keeping score. It’s okay to expect better from your partner, but you need to give the benefit of the doubt occasionally when they make it clear they’re going to try and be better. Forgive them. Otherwise, bitterness and mistrust can turn a relationship more adversarial than anything.


Sometimes, forgiveness isn’t even necessary. Hurt feelings and arguments can be avoided by learning to communicate and see things from the side of your partner occasionally. If there are big differences between different parts of a couple, such as a difference in libidos or a match between an introvert and an extrovert, it can open up a gulf. If you like to spend your time different ways, it can feel like you spend more time excluding one another than not. Rather than taking it as a personal slight, better understanding your partner and showing that understanding can make you both happy to live your own lives and help accommodate one another better.



Even when things do boil into something more explosive than a simple disagreement, then you should be willing to empathize with one another. The nastier things turn, the direr the consequences and longer lasting the hurt. Even if a relationship is coming to an end, advice from people like Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law can help you both settle things in a much more civil manner. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing, but you shouldn’t let disagreements become a fuse for resentment and long-lasting anger.




After the honeymoon period, there has to be something else there. Attraction can still play a huge part of it all, but you need something to keep you sticking together for all the hours in between the times it rears its head. You need to truly be a friend to your partner. That means taking the time to hang out with them, finding new things to do with them and making whole new excuses to spend time with them. When tastes and personalities differ, it’s the shared experiences and the bond built through them that can create the most resilient and loving of relationships.

No-one is going to have a life-long relationship without learning what it means to practice the values above. Even if one relationship doesn’t work out, the lessons you learn are what is going to eventually make you ready for the one that goes the distance.

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