Useful Tips To Stay Sane This Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year! Piles of incredible food, heaps of beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts, and tons of time spent with your nearest and dearest. The only problem is that it gets a little more stressful when you have to cook all the food, buy and wrap all the gifts, and carefully negotiate sometimes difficult family relationships. Here are some tips to have a very merry and stress-free Christmas…

Your Food


Meal Plan

It’s important to make sure that you meal plan. This can help you save money as well as making the whole Christmas cooking process less stressful for you. It means you won’t get any nasty surprises when you realize there’s a meal coming that you haven’t prepared or bought any food for, and it also helpfully makes sure that you don’t buy too much food.

Although holiday leftovers are usually great and can make incredible sandwiches and treats for weeks after the event, it can be frustrating and expensive to overspend on food and have to throw a good amount of it away. It’s also very wasteful!

Look Out For Deals

Make sure that you keep your eyes open in stores and online for any deals or coupons that can help you save money over the holidays. A lot of food like chocolate and other snacks will be discounted – obviously, they want you to buy more of it!

Make sure that you don’t buy any food that you don’t want and that you won’t need. Not only will that food probably end up being wasted, but it’s money that you don’t need to spend. If you see a particularly good deal on a box of chocolates, buy some as possible gifts for people you’ve overlooked, or for your kids to take into school for their teachers.

Get Your Relatives To Bring Dishes

One way to ensure that everyone gets what they want to eat over Christmas is to request that your relatives bring some dishes to share with the rest of the family. Not only does this free you up from a little of the responsibility of providing all the Christmas food, but it also enables your relatives to share their own traditions with the rest of the family. It might also give you some excellent Christmas food ideas for next year!

Your Gifts

Plan In Advance

It’s important to make sure that you start planning your Christmas gifts well in advance. Buy things over the course of the year when you see them. For instance, if you have a six-year-old niece and you see a book that she’d love in July, buy it and keep it hidden away until December!

Doing this means that you’ll be less stressed out in December and that you won’t have to blow all your money in one month 



It’s more financially sensible and will definitely help to lower your stress levels over Christmas! You could even wrap the gifts over the year too – just make sure you add tags to them! Speaking of wrapping paper, make sure you buy that in the January sales.

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Make Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts like knitted scarves or a box of homemade cookies are thoughtful and often very much appreciated. If you don’t know what to get for someone, make them a Christmas hamper full of homemade treats like chocolates, cake and maybe some homemade dressing.

Not only are homemade products full of goodness but it’ll also show that you really care about the recipient. If it’s getting expensive for your kids to buy gifts for people, help them make cookies and box them up, or make jam and have them decorate labels for the jars.

Look At Recent Trends

Take a look at the Black Friday shopping trends to see what sorts of gifts are going to be really popular this year. If a certain video game or console is selling out, then chances are your son will love it too. Likewise, it’ll help you figure out what sort of fashion accessories are especially cool this year. Hopefully, you managed to bag yourself some Black Friday deals – a new stereo for your kids would probably be very much appreciated!

Your Family

Make Arrangements Clear

Make sure that you make all your festive season arrangements completely clear with all your family members. If you’re planning to invite someone over for Christmas Day, make sure they know that they shouldn’t turn up with a suitcase expecting to stay until New Year!

It’s also important to ask who exactly they’re bringing, so you can calculate the numbers and buy the right amount of food and provide the correct amount of seating.


No one wants to be relegated to the kids’ table or to have to sit on the floor in the living room! You should also ask if there are any dietary requirements or allergies so you don’t have to prepare anything new on Christmas Day.

Get Calmer

The holidays can be a stressful time, and it isn’t always easy to hang out with family. Maybe you have different political views and your brother just won’t shut up about how wrong you are, or your mother in law is getting snotty about your parenting choices.

You don’t want to have any major arguments over Christmas. If you feel yourself getting irritable, take a deep breath and disengage from the situation to calm yourself down. Getting mad and shouting at someone won’t solve anything and it might lead to a breakdown in your relationship. Remember it’s always better to be kind than right.

Spend Time With Individuals

It’s important to make sure that you spend time with your whole family this Christmas. If you don’t know your sister in law very well, take this opportunity to sit down with her and have a really good chat. Chances are, you’ll have more in common than you ever realized and you’ll have made a new friend over Christmas. Make sure you value and appreciate the time that you spend with people.

Christmas is a time of kindness and joy. There are ways to leave stress out of it and I hope these tips help. Merry Christmas from Womanpulse!

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