How To Get Back To Fitness When You’ve Been Injured

When you make plans to have a training plan, things can go well for a while. But inevitably something will go wrong. You might get sick, travel or just get really busy with work. Then it makes it easy to miss a training session or not do what you had planned for each session. What is the worst is when you can’t do your training because of an injury.

After having some time off, it can be really hard to get back into the routine of training again. You might have lost a bit of fitness and might not be able to train at the same level, depending on how long you have had off. So here are some tips to follow, to make sure that you ease into your schedule again, without causing another injury.


Consult a Doctor

You might feel that your injury is better. But if you start your training too early, it could lead to a more disastrous situation and make your injury worse. So check with a doctor or your physiotherapist to have them confirm that you are able to exercise again.

They may have recommendations for you to avoid or a certain thing that would be better for you. So check with them before you start training again. If your injury was a result of something that wasn’t your fault, then it might also be worth contacting a personal injury lawyer before you get back on it.

Don’t Try to Make Up For Lost Time

If you were in such a good place before your injury, don’t try and make up for lost time by doing long or extra strenuous sessions. You need to remember that it could hinder your recovery and actually not make much of a difference. So don’t start a program that means you are exercising more than before your injury. That would be counterproductive and could lead to another injury. Ease into your program gradually.

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Don’t Stress About Lower Fitness Levels

If you were off with a broken leg, it could mean a good couple of months out of training. So it is inevitable that your fitness will suffer to a certain extent. Don’t get stressed about it, though. It will be frustrating, but it won’t take your body to get back to where it was. Just make sure you are eating right and sticking to your schedule. Then you will get back up to level quite quickly. Your body will have muscle memory, as well as still be at a reasonable fitness level. So it won’t take long.

Don’t Give Up

When you are getting back into a routine, it can be hard. It will be an effort to get up and make your sessions. Everyone feels like this when they start a new training or fitness regime. You need a couple of weeks to make the routine become a habit. So try to stick with it, as hard as it will be. Then you’ll be getting up to train without even thinking about it.

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