giftMen are difficult to buy for, there’s no doubt about that. Unlike us women who at any given time have a wishlist as long as our arm, for the most part, men tend to be less fussed. 

This can make gift buying feel like an impossible task, and has women all over the world scratching their heads and racking their brains whenever a gift giving occasion crops up. To save you a headache, here are a couple of fail-safe ideas that you can resort to when buying gifts for men.


Tickets/ An Experience Day

Tickets to see their favourite band, sports team or for a cool experience are bound to go down well. Particularly useful for men who are not into material things (or already own everything they want and need). 

You can get experiences for everything from rail trips to hot air balloon rides to ferrari driving- have a think what they’re into and go from there. No matter how obscure it is, you can be there’s an experience gift out there for it!



A bottle of someone’s favourite alcohol is always a great gift. If you go for something a bit more high end like some good quality spirits or champagne it’s a good price point for a gift too. As long as you have a rough idea of what they like it’s easy- something like Kikori whiskey for a whiskey drinker or even gold leaf vodka for a luxurious treat. It’s something you know they will enjoy and use, and is a fantastic option when you just don’t know what else to go for.


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Good Quality Accessories

Things like belts, wallets and sunglasses can make good gifts, if you don’t know their exact style go for a high quality piece in a plain design and keep the receipt just in case. Something like a designer wallet in a dark colour, with the logo stamped in one corner for example is likely to appeal to most people. It’s the kind of thing people don’t treat themselves to that often, and so if you know the person you’re buying for has accessories that are wearing out this could be the perfect gift opportunity.


Technology and Gadgets

If you have a bit more to spend, gadgets and tech gifts are always fun. It could be anything from a new laptop to a tablet to a drone. It will provide hours of entertainment, and again these are the types of things people don’t buy themselves that often so will make a good gift. Again think of the things they like and will use often. Are they out in the car a lot? A new satnav could be a useful gift. Are they into gaming? There are a tonne of gaming sets and accessories out there.


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