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Get Your Besties Together!

How To Have A Killer Night With Your Best Girlfriends And Look Fabulous


The way life is, you are probably rarely going out with all your best girlfriends. Work takes up so much time that by the time the end of the week comes around, all you want to do is shove your hair into a bun and put your jammies on in front of the television.I know the feeling! Where’s the fun in that?!


It’s a great idea for a night in, which let’s be honest, probably happens every night of the week! The chance for all your girlfriends to get together in a group and hitting the town probably comes around once in a blue moon and is so rarely an occasion that you should absolutely take advantage of it. Life gets busy, we all know that, but your social life absolutely matters and it’s scientifically proven that going out with friends is good for your mental health. Honestly!

So, you’ve had a long week at work, and it’s finally Friday night. You’ve been planning this girl’s night out for WEEKS and you are ready to get gorgeous, get set and go with your best gal pals. But wait: you have nothing to wear, it’s been ages since you last went out and you have no idea what’s current in fashion and beauty. Also, your mascara is the same one you bought when you were in school and is only just starting to clump. Don’t panic, take a breath, and let our guide for your girly get- together see you through so you can strut your stuff through the night!


Your make-up should be reflective of the type of evening you’re about to have. A night out with your friends doesn’t necessarily mean you must go all out and clown-up, but it does mean making a little bit of effort so you don’t look exhausted. There’s no need for that dramatically glittery smoky eye when you’re headed to the nearest cocktail bar for drinks. Use some eye drops to brighten those work-tired eyes and if you want a nifty little fix for eye bags, bring out the hemorrhoid cream. Honestly, it works to reduce the appearance of bags!

girlfriends night out

Whether you know much about make-up or not, head over to your nearest make-up counter at a department store. Do this a couple of hours before you’re due to meet up and you can have a fresh, natural makeup look applied by someone skilled. You’ll also be able to replace that manky old mascara that’s been rattling around in your handbag for years. Go with an enhanced natural look so that you can highlight your best features without looking too overdone. If you get the chance, get your eyebrows sorted out as well, especially if it’s been a whi


If you work long hours, you’ll be very aware of limp hair. It’s not that you can’t be bothered to do more than drag a brush through it in the morning and shove it into a ponytail, but for a night out, you’ll need to do a little more tousling than that. It’s not about impressing your mates, it’s about how you feel about yourself.


You want to feel good so that even if your hair has split ends and could really use a hair mask like this one, you can enjoy your night. Give your hair a heat treatment before you apply any blow drying to it so that you can make sure you don’t do your hair any damage. That’ll be the last thing you need right before you go out!

Saying that, a hair mask before a night out is not a bad idea to give your locks a new lease on life. If you have the spare money, invest in an automatic hair curler so that you can give your hair a lot of bounce when you’re getting ready. Do this after a conditioning hair mask and you’ll save so much time on using fabric curlers. It’s well documented that hair health is important for good self-esteem so don’t waste any time in doing your bit for your tresses


As with beauty, this is going to be dependent on where you decide to go for the night. Typically, dinner and drinks with your besties doesn’t need you to dress up in a skirt so short you can see your dinner. You need to think classy, but comfy. If you are wearing your favourite Louboutin skyscrapers, then put some soft flats into your handbag and make sure you have some shoe cushions for the ball of your foot. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a night out with your friends with feet that sting! Dancing is hard enough in stilettos as it is without constant pain shooting through the soles of your feet.


girlfriends night out

Choose an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself, but always be aware of how much skin you show. Bring a handbag big enough to hold your shoes when you need to change out of them, and bring spare pop socks or tights, if you plan to wear a dress. Fashion rules state that if you show cleavage, minimise how much leg you show. Keep the balance and keep it chic – you’re there to mingle with your friends and have a great time, comfort is so

Each of these tips should be enough to make sure you have a fantastic night out with all your friends. You could also make yourself a hangover kit and leave it on your kitchen counter for the next day. It should have coffee, salty crisps and a huge bottle of water, as well as a cooling head cloth and eye drops to wake you up. Your night out may not come around again, so going all out on your outfit and hair should be an absolute must.

There’s nothing wrong with going out with girlfriends and having a great time, so make sure you make the most of the time you have to let your hair down – so to speak!

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