job5 Ways You Can Lose Your Job Every Woman Needs To Know

It takes years and sometimes decades to forge a successful career. Yet it can all be lost in just a moment through silly errors or personal mistakes. The fallout from any job loss can be pretty devastating, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you. There are dozens of ways to get fired. Are you at risk of losing your job today?


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Poor Attendance

If you’re regularly taking sick days or simply not showing up at all, you might not be employed for much longer. This might go without saying, but sometimes absence really can’t be helped. However, your employer has a business to run. If your colleagues are struggling to complete projects or orders because you’re not there pulling your weight, then what can they do? If you can’t address the reasons why you’re not at work, have a chat with your boss as soon as possible to see if there is a way to work around this.


Said The Wrong Thing

The office party is supposed to be the best place to let your hair down and relax with your colleagues. Unfortunately, it only takes that extra glass of wine to let your guard down too far. The next thing you know people are walking away from you and your boss is calling you into her office. The lasting effect of drinking on work time can be the loss of your job. It’s easy to bad mouth people when you’ve had a bevy or two, and nearly impossible to repair the damage.


Poor Quality Work

Most of us have been tired in the office. A bad night can lead to a very long and difficult day at work. But if you suffer from insomnia, then your ability to do a good job at work might be impaired. You can’t concentrate, and you can easily make pretty bad mistakes. Just driving into work could be catastrophic when you haven’t slept properly. If you’re struggling with sleep, take steps to fix it before you find yourself out of a job.



Applying For Other Jobs

There have been many cases of employees getting fired because they were caught applying for another job. Job hunting is something many of us do out of curiosity rather than a choice to leave our current role. Still, if your boss thinks you’re not loyal to your company, why would they want you to stay on? Be discreet, and try not to talk to colleagues about your interest in another company. If you’re not successful at interview, you might not have a job at all!



We’ve all done it. You grab a notepad or a pen, and it winds up in your handbag. The trouble is, it is still theft. While most bosses might overlook it, you could end up with a criminal record. And you’ll be fired. It’s really not worth the risk, regardless of how petty you think your boss might be in accounting for every print-out or copy. Are you risking the loss of your job right now? Have you ever been fired?

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