The Art Of Good Gift Giving

Gift Giving is amazing and we all love giving gifts (mostly). Despite their obvious expense and cost – people still love to put their hands in their pocket and give the people they love and respect the best gift possible. You might be inclined to think that people would be more worried about birthdays, holidays and anniversaries due to the obvious cost – but in most case, you’d be wrong. If there is one thing we love more than receiving gifts, it could very well be giving them to other people for special occasions.

The Gift Of Giving

Humans have been giving gifts in some shape or form since the dawn of time. That’s just the way we do things! Giving gifts is an amazingly complex and really important part of our lives and  how we interact as people. It builds and defines our relationships with one another, it helps build bonds within our family and friendships groups, and even psychologists say that it is usually the person who is giving a gift that makes the biggest gains from a gift rather than the person receiving it.

Gift giving has been used by advertisers, business owners and marketers to huge benefit and it is for this reason that we are bombarded with commercials about giving gifts – simply because it is known by those with power just how good giving a great gift feels – they want to profit from it! Holidays and birthdays can get a bit much thanks to rampant commercialism. There is a lot of value in giving gifts; it’s been done since we walked the earth right through to the present day.

good gift giving

We touched briefly on commercialism – that’s why it might be very important to avoid the rushes and buy the gifts you want to give – which could be the biggest secret of all behind the giving of gifts – not feeling pressured to buy them and buying specifically for a person than an event.  If you love the people you are connected with – you have to be sure to give them gifts that they will love – but gifts you will enjoy giving to them as well.

Gift Exchange Ideas

The path to giving a great gift starts with the person who is receiving it. There are a few questions that you need to answer before splashing the cash out!Who are they? If you know who the recipient is then gift giving is a lot easier. If they love a joke, you know to look for gifts in the area of comedy. If they are a reader, you could get some books. If they love their films then, of course, you could opt for a classic on Blu-Ray.

good gift giving

You wouldn’t buy a gamer a set of bath salts, would you? The answer is no, unless they have expressed a specific interest in bath salts! Know your recipient to get a great foundation in giving gifts. This is so much more important when the commercials are facing you as it can really blur the lines of gift giving. If you are stuck for ideas, try to drop some hints and do a bit of research.

Creative Gifting Ideas

Sometimes, you can get a bit stumped, though – that’s why it’s good to have a general idea of what to get on a moment’s notice. Surprise parties can be sprung onto you without much notice at all. If you know the type of person without any details, you can get by and show a little thought as well. People who show a clear interest in gardening love seeds, books, and tools, photographers could always do with more photo books for their coffee tables and artist love design manuals and concept art books to inspire.

 Personal touches are good and even these can be hard to obtain at the very last minute, you should still aim for it when you can! Things like custom bobbleheads with unique craftsmanship and anything that has a little bit of a odd quirk to it that can be custom made or printed for you so you can get a personable last minute gift!

Special gifts require a lot more though – clothing for instance. People come in all different shapes and sizes as do all sorts of clothes. You need to know sizes, lengths and widths to nail getting the right clothing. This information is hard to gather which is why clothing doesn’t really work as a last minute gift. You need time! Also, the information needed for research is a dead giveaway – so ask around for information.


If the recipient of the clothing is very close to you – it might be worth buying them some clothes well in advance of the gift giving date just so you can note the sizes down. Wine and food makes a great gift especially for wine connoisseurs and food lovers – you can make a huge faux pas easily here though. What if you buy a terrible wine by accident? What if you buy great meat ingredients for a vegan who won’t use them and might turn their nose up at the present? There’s room for disaster here so as always, research is key.

Unique Gift Ideas

The unique presents that you can buy will likely be reserved for those who are very close to you. Experiences, vacations and truly unique presents. Experiences can be bought easily and rely on a knowledge of your loved one’s hobbies and interests.

From racing to stadium tours and brewery taste tests there is a wide range of experiences that can be purchased! Vacations are a good idea but rely on  a lot of administration work, forethought and the element of surprise might have to be sacrificed. It could be great to buy tickets for a week long city break in Prague only to realize that one of you can’t get the time off of work.


There’s a running theme here – no matter who the gift is for, the best way to master the art of gift giving is to plan well ahead and do your best not to be caught out by dates and small mistakes!


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