dealing with griefGrief And Getting Through It


We have all lost someone in our lives and it totally sucks. I lost my grandfather in my twenties and it was like saying goodbye to my childhood again. Recently, my Mother has had brushes with mortality which has made me question how I will deal with the grief when the time comes.In remembering my own dealings with grief and talking to others I have tips I hope will help you through these dark times and emerge with renewed hope.

dealing with grief

Channel Your Emotions

When grieving, it is essential that you take your pent-up energy and use it to your advantage. For example, if the sudden loss of a close friend has left you feeling resentful, taking up some form of physical exercise will allow you to release anger in a positive – and even – enjoyable way. If you aren’t the competitive sort, you can express yourself artistically; writing a thoughtful diary passage or composing an honest and heartfelt poem will turn your raw emotion into beautiful prose.


Talking is a healthy means of responding to the sadness and frustration that you are experiencing. Nurturing the relationships you currently have is of great importance, so you should find the time to meet up with friends, family members and colleagues wherever you can. Keeping people close to you will evoke happier feelings; discussing how you are doing is useful, but you should also keep your mind focused on other subjects and activities – active distractions if you will.

Find Closure

Sometimes when we experience loss, we find it tough to get over what has happened because of unfinished business with that individual. Whether you have questions that need answering, or would like to be close once again to your loved one, a route for you to explore is that of the spiritual world. Using the services of a clairvoyant with a capability to contact the dead is one way for you to find the peace that you are seeking. With psychic phone numbers, telepathy will encourage you to continue living a happy life after attempting communication through a medium.


Seek Specialist Help

If you find the burden of grief unbearable, then the best way to release the pressure is to consult a professional. Whether you feel depressed, anxious, stressed, or are suffering from low self-esteem, reaching out to someone who understands what you are going through will help you manage your daily routine. And if you can’t face a one-on-one session with a therapist then you needn’t worry – take action from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is undergo private counseling using a dedicated and licensed well-being and health website such as

All in all, grieving is a necessary evil. Although it hurts, it will get easier, and taking these steps means you are on your way to overcoming the hurdles ahead. You will find, in time, that there are positives among the negatives, and in realizing this, you can achieve a sense of acceptance and celebrate the gifts your loved one has given you more than their departure.

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