The Pros And Cons Of Growing Up Sarcastic


sarcasticHow To Be Sarcastic And Not Piss People Off

Are you sarcastic? Most people who aren’t sarcastic think it’s a choice and I am here to tell you it isn’t. If you knew my family you would understand. That being said, there are some rules you have to follow if you don’t want to piss people off that I learned the hard way. Hey, I’m here to help!

What Is Sarcasm?

I looked up the official definition and it goes a little something like this: An ironic or satirical remark that seems to be praising someone but is really taunting or cutting. Sarcasm can be used to hurt someone or for comic effect.
Being sarcastic by nature isn’t easy. Someone who isn’t genetically affected with this particular defect doesn’t really understand. We aren’t purposely being malicious, though it may seem that way.
For me it’s second nature and my intent has always been to be funny. I read a study that said that people use it out of Insecurity, Underlying Anger, and Social Awkwardness. I can associate with the last one but not the first two.I am a product of my environment. My entire family is sarcastic, on both sides.
Over the last few years, I have come to realize that it can be a weapon. I’ve tried very hard to adjust how I use it. If you are also duly affected it’s wise to really listen to what you say and figure out if you would yourself be hurt.



What I’ve learned and quite frankly, keep learning, is there are conditions when it is ok and not ok. I do slip sometimes there is no doubt about that. Directing it at someone isn’t ok. Often it will just be perceived as insulting.To be truly gifted at sarcasm you must always know the difference between being funny and being mean.
For instance, you turn to your bestie and say “So you’re really wearing that huh?” That is insulting and not funny at all. Us sarcastic beings have to truly give more thought to what we say before we say it unless you want to constantly be apologizing.


I try to use it toward a situation in the funniest way possible
You usually know the person or group you are talking to. Knowing how it will be received is very important. Some people just won’t get it. When I am around my family it is so on because they get it and even expect it. Yes, it turns into a competition almost. Though there are people I can’t be sarcastic with at all.
Watch your tone of voice. Anything can be taken wrong and if you have been sarcastic for a long time, it creeps into everything you say sometimes. We tend to adopt an attitude that people should just accept us as we are and to hell with them. That is nice in theory until you’re alone every night crying into your pillow.
It is very easy to alienate people and that can make for a lonely life so proceed with caution
If you have one of us in your life, be patient! I will tell you as one of the afflicted there are times I don’t know I’m doing it and that is often hard for the other person to accept. Granted, as I’ve gotten older I have a much greater grasp on appropriate behavior though I will admit I seriously lack a filter at times.
Having someone in your life who is sarcastic can be a challenge and if it bothers you, speak up. Let your friend or loved one know they have hurt your feelings and it’s just not cool. Have a sense of humor, it is usually really easy to tell when someone is using sarcasm and know they aren’t serious.

Is sarcasm your superpower? I hear ya, here are ways to be sarcastic and not piss people off
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Anna R Palmer

I don’t know what you are talking about. 😉


Ha! My mom is really sarcastic and my ex-husband would ask why she says mean things sometimes. I had to explain to him that it was just sarcasm lol! He took her so seriously.


Sarcasm has always been my go to in conversations, especially in awkward situations. Like you, I am realizing that there are good and bad times to use it, but it is so difficult to fight the urge to use it.

This a good, and slightly humorous way to end your challenge!


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