If there’s one thing most women want, it’s to look flawless wherever they’re going, whatever they’re doing. This isn’t always easy to do. It can take a lot longer than most people realize to pull yourself together, so you feel ready to step out the door! However, the tips in this guide could help to get you feeling flawless, just a little bit quicker. Take a look and see what you can use!

Come Up With A Quick Makeup Routine

Instead of spending ages doing your makeup before you leave the house, try to come up with a go-to makeup routine you can use at a moment’s notice. For instance, you might use tinted moisturizer, an eyebrow pencil, mascara, and lip gloss. This sort of makeup routine will leave you feeling polished but not too done up. You could even add a little eyeliner and highlighter. Experimenting with makeup is lots of fun and great for nights out, but isn’t always a quick way to get yourself out the door looking fabulous.

Keep Hair Clean And Styled

Keeping your hair clean and well styled is something else you can do. If you don’t like washing your hair often, don’t worry. Dry shampoo is a god send and can leave your hair looking and feeling amazing days after you’ve washed it! When you do wash it, try to give it a good blow dry with a hairdryer and brush. This should leave it bouncy and give it shape for days too. You’ll knock ages off your usual styling time!

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Having smooth skin and no hair is something many women strive for too. Shaving is quick, but you don’t get a long lasting result. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair permanently, so eventually you don’t need to worry about it at all!

Remember Your Best Outfits

Finding an outfit can sometimes take much longer than we’d like too. When you find an outfit you love, take a picture of it and save it to a folder in your phone or something. When you’re feeling stuck, you can then look back at your winning outfits and put something together in a flash!

Make Sure Clothes Fit/Suit You

Having clothes that fit you properly and suit you is a must. Tailoring will cost more but it’s so worth it. Make sure you choose your color palette carefully too, as some colors will wash you out.

Work On Your Confidence


At the end of the day, it’s all about confidence. If you have confidence, you could step out with messy hair wearing a black bin bag and look astonishing. You’d probably start some kind of trend. If you don’t currently have the confidence you’d like, find ways to improve it. There are so many methods, such as acting like a confident person and working out why you’re not confident. Was it something somebody said to you as a child? You can then find methods to work through your issues – such as tapping! It might sound crazy, but it works.


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