Hair and Beauty Trends For Spring And Summer

What’s New In Beauty Trends For Spring & Summer

I am always on the lookout for new trends and styles to follow. What use is living in the past, right? We can all move forward and embrace new styles and trends. So if you’re ready to leave behind the beauty styles and trends from the past few years, then these are the trends that you want to be looking out for. Which one are you most looking forward to embracing?

Hair and Beauty Trends for Spring and Summer

Think Before You Ink

In recent years it seems like the top style or trend was to have lots of tattoos and ‘ink.’ But more and more people are being selective about the styles that they choose to have, opting for more meaningful tattoos, rather than just something random. So it seems like the thing to do is to not have much ink at all at the moment.

If you have had some in the past that you regret, embracing this trend could be by getting them removed perhaps. If you are looking into tattoo removal, make sure that you look for a clinic that can provide a professional and safe service, though. You could get advice and more details from Ink Blasters if you are serious about it. Then you could start again with your tattoos or just choose to leave your skin for a while.

Hair and Beauty Trends for spring and summer

Mermaid Eyes

Gone is the dark, smokey eye. Over the coming months, we will be seeing mermaid eyes as the big trend to look out for. Think of shimmering colors in purple and aqua shades, with white liner and eyeshadow. Your eyes will really pop with white liner on the lower eyelids, as well as the inner corners of your eyes. So it is the perfect look for tired eyes this spring and summer.

Longest Hair Ever

I don’t think that long hair will ever go out of style. But at the moment, it seems like having hair for days is what it is all about. So the coming months are all about channeling your inner Rapunzel. If you have quite short hair, then obviously, your hair isn’t going to grow ten inches in a couple of months

hair and beauty trends for spring and summer

. But if you did want to embrace the look, then you could choose to go for hair extensions perhaps. It could just be for special occasions to get the look. If your hair is already long, then keep it looking good and keep it sleek and straight.

Hair and beauty trends for spring and summer

Nail Art and Gems

Nail art has always been a big thing. But this spring and summer nail art will be coming to a whole new level. It will be about gems and jewels; arts and craft nails! Bright colors will be used as the base and then use a nail glue; you could stick on some gems and glitz and then top off with a top coat. It might not be the most practical style for nails for an everyday look. But for a special occasion, it would really glam up your style and make a big statement.

These are but a few beauty trends we are peeking at for the upcoming seasons. What hair and beauty trends will you be trying?

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