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6 Ways To Enjoy Healthy Cooking The Easy Way


healthy cookingHealthy Cooking Methods

When it comes to maximizing your eating healthy potential, there are some brilliant ways that you can make sure that you are eating delicious, supercharged food without destroying the components of the dish. Cooking foods using the wrong method is a surefire way of making even the healthiest of meals lack nutrition. Healthy cooking is easy and read more to find out.

Everyone knows that frying, for example, is a bad way to cook food. You won’t be eating healthy if you eat lots of fried food. Of course, the raw food revolution is making people rethink the way that they eat too. But, for many of us, a hot meal is the perfect way to end, or even start, the day.

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Rethinking healthy cooking methods and how you cook food is imperative for keeping food both nutritious and delicious. Looking at how to prepare the best kinds of meals by using a variety of different methods means that not only will your food be super tasty, but you’ll maximize the flavors of your meals by using the appropriate cooking methods too.


Hot meals and good quality foods no longer have to be dull or unhealthy. On the contrary, you can ensure that every meal tantalizes the taste buds. It’s super easy to make sure that you are supercharging your food. Here are some of the most popular cooking methods that maximize flavor and nutrition.

It’s time to fall in love with food again

healthy cooking


Slow Cooking

Slow cooking is proving to be more and more popular, especially when cooking meat. Meat is known for having a lot of fat content; even lean meats have an element of fat to them. Slow cooking ensures that the fat is melted away. Slow cooking is as the name suggests; a slow way to cook foods. Often slow cooking food can take hours – usually around six to eight hours. But, this is the best way to get rid of that nasty fat that comes with meat.

What’s more, the meat becomes more tender and easier to digest. Red meats are perfect for slow cooking as it retains the flavor without being unhealthy. Make sure that you invest in a small slow cooker for the kitchen. They are relatively inexpensive to buy, and they can save you a lot of time in terms of cooking. Simply add your ingredients to the slow cooker and turn on. You can carry on with your usual routine and come home to the delicious smell of home cooked food. Perfect.



Everyone knows that steaming food is one of the best ways to maximize flavor without compromising nutrition. Vegetables, in particular, are perfect foodstuffs to be steamed. But, did you know that by steaming food you can lower your cholesterol? That’s because steaming food means that you don’t need to use oils, lards or fats to cook the vegetables in. Of course, some fats are great for your diet, such as a high-quality olive oil.


But, if you want your vegetables to taste exactly like they have just been picked, steaming is the way to go as it keeps the flavor of their natural raw state. What’s more, you can ensure that you are retaining the vitamins and minerals of the food that you are cooking by steaming. Boiling vegetables means that they can lose their vitamins and zinc levels, which is by no means a good thing.

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Stir Frying


Stir-frying is a great way to ensure that you are getting high-quality meals in no time at all. The science behind stir frying is to cook quickly on a high heat, so in essence, the food is ‘blasted’ with heat. You can even get your hands on ceramic cookware so that you minimize the need for oil, and your food won’t stick to the wok, has a mine of information on the healthiest kinds of cookware that you can use.

Stir frying is renowned for using tiny amounts of oil, or with the right wok none at all, but it means that you are reducing calories by using this method. Stir frying is perfect for those who want delicious vegetables and meat in no time at all. Make sure that the food is prepared for maximum impact; chopping and dicing your meal means that the cook will be even throughout. Moreover, if time is of the essence, there is no excuse for not eating properly. Stir frying a meal is known for its speed, and as such, you can have a hearty meal in around ten minutes. It’s the perfect cooking method for those super busy days.


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If you’re something of a fish lover, then poaching is something that you are probably all too familiar with. Oil and butter can weigh heavily on a delicate dish such as fish, and this is where your healthy method of poaching comes into use. Poaching is usually done with water, but some choose to use coconut milk for that extra dash of flavor. Poaching works in that the liquid gently heats the food, rather than the fat. Poaching is by no means a quick way to healthy cooking, but it is perfect for those who have a little more time on their hands.


Weekend brunch anyone? By poaching food, you are allowing the proteins within the food to become more present. What’s more, you are not destroying the texture of the food either. Overcooked fish can be dry and bland, so poaching gently allows for the proteins to remain intact and the texture of the meat to be moist and appetizing.




Broiling, if you are not familiar with the term, is cooking food on a high, direct heat. It’s a little like grilling, but a lot better for you. Fish and meats are the ideal food to be cooked via this method as it requires little to no oils, and the broiling rack allows the natural fats to drip out of the food. This means that you can cut the risk of cancer that is ever-present in fatty red meat. Broiling is convenient too, as you can broil meat in roughly ten minutes. It’s perfect for food on the go.



Microwaves get something of a bad wrap, but that’s mainly due to the types of highly processed foods that go in them. You don’t have to resort to ready meals to get a great meal in no time at all. The microwave is perfect for steaming fruits and vegetables and acts as a poaching agent too. So, think of all the benefits of poaching and steaming and apply this to your trusty microwave. Vitamins and nutrients are retained due to the high heat and the quick cook time.


As the food is cooked evenly from the ‘inside’ to the out, you keep the minerals and vitamins intact despite the rapid cook time. As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to use oils with this method thus reducing calorie intake and ensuring that you get the full taste of the food that you are cooking. After all, you don’t want your fresh produce to taste like butter. You want it to taste as though it’s been picked straight from the farmer’s field.


Healthy cooking and enjoying nutritious meals has never been easier or more convenient. There is no excuse for reaching for junk food in this day and age. After all, with a different cooking method to suit even the busiest of lifestyles, you can eat healthily and feel great with minimum fuss.


What methods do you use when you are cooking healthy, and what do you find to be the most efficient?


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