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After all those months of wedding planning, your honeymoon is the ideal getaway for rest and relaxation. Of course, it’s a lot more than that! It’s your time together as a married couple. The perfect, once-in-a-lifetime vacation is something you’ll want to remember forever. Just like the wedding, you’re only going to do this once. So why not plan the photography just as meticulously for the honeymoon as you did for the wedding? Capture the best bits with these honeymoon photo ideas:

Pucker Up!

A Kiss


Chances are your honeymoon has been just as carefully planned as your wedding was. If you managed your own wedding planning, then organizing the honeymoon photo ideas will be easy for you! One of the most important pictures you want to bring home is a kiss between the two of you. A pocket-sized mini tripod can hold the shot steady while you both squeeze into the frame. Most cameras, including the one on your phone, will have a delay timer to give you those moments you need.


honeymoon photo ideas


The Rings


Now you are married, you probably both wear your wedding bands all the time. Give them a good polish before putting them back on and take a photo of your hands together. Don’t worry if you don’t have a cleaning pot with you. Here’s how to clean tungsten wedding bands if you need something quick and easy for a special metal. You can get away with overexposing these shots to help bring out any detail in the reflections too. My favorite honeymoon photo ideas are those where everything but the hands are blurred to focus on the symbols of your commitment.



Sunrise or Sunset?

Taking a selfie of the two of you as the sun touches the horizon can make an incredibly romantic picture. It’s quite a stunning experience too! Make sure your faces are well lit with a warm light, so you don’t appear bleached out or ghost-like next to the darkened sky. Wear your hair down. The golden light of the sun at this time will pick out the beauty of your highlights. Chances are you’re in a beautiful evening dress or gown at this time of the day too, so go for a full-length portrait shot.


Beach Maldives Sea Sky Centara Grand 



Stunning Landscapes


During the daylight hours, you might be marveling at the incredible vistas from your honeymoon apartment or suite. All honeymoons are different. Some are spent enjoying the hotel facilities. Others are action-packed and full of adventures. Either way, you’ll want to remember the beauty of the place you visited. Photos will help you to recall how you felt. Take some snaps of each other enjoying the views on offer.



What Are You Up To?


Of course, honeymoons, like other expensive vacations, are the ideal opportunity to try something you’ve never done before. Wherever you are, try to find some interesting excursions and activities that might be exciting for honeymoon photo ideas. These once-in-a-lifetime events become very memorable. The photo will help you talk to your family and friends about what you’ve experienced. After all, they’ll be expecting some wonderful stories and amazing photos when you get home! These are the best shots to post to social media too.

Honeymoon Photo Ideas to make your love last forever


What will you snap on your honeymoon?

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