cosmetic enhancementCosmetic Enhancement: Top Questions To Ask

Beauty is not skin deep. Beauty stems from self-belief, and that confidence comes from within. We all know and admire that someone who turns heads when they walk through the door, rocking their look and owning it, whatever their size or shape.For some of us, it’s not that easy.Some of us may have once been completely satisfied in our appearance… Once.


But often injury, childbirth or the passage of time can gradually diminish the gifts that nature gave us. Over time we find ourselves retreating inward, becoming a shadow of who we used to be. Before we know it we’re avoiding social engagements and leaving the house with our heads bowed to the world. This is why many consider a cosmetic enhancement.

Maybe you’ve always had just one element of your appearance that you’ve never been happy with and while nobody’s remarked on it, it’s slowly eroded your confidence over the years.While many of us might be able to completely transform themselves by hitting the gym or cleaning up their diet, for some this kind of metamorphosis might not be so easy. More than ever women are getting an eyelift or breast enhancement.


What Are Your Options?

You’re remarkably lucky! You live in an age where cosmetic surgery has never been more affordable, more readily available, and safer (provided, of course, that you take the time to find the right surgeon… More on that later).


If you’ve revealed to a friend, family member or partner that you’re considering cosmetic surgery their reply has probably been;“You’re beautiful just the way you are!”


That’s right, you absolutely are, but that can be cold comfort if you don’t feel it. This significant person might mean well but their reply probably isn’t going to do much to bolster your self-image. The dangers of low self-esteem are very real and can have a number of powerfully negative consequences such as;

cosmetic enhancement

Social anxiety.

Missing career and interpersonal opportunities.

Reduced enjoyment of social interactions.


Self-destructive behaviours


For many of us, cosmetic surgery offers a subtle but significant realignment of our self-image which can make a world of difference to our day-to-day lives.


Find the right surgeon for you!



Most of us would do our due diligence when buying a new car or starting work at a new company, yet it’s terrifying how many people rush into cosmetic surgery before doing their homework. Yet more select their surgeon solely on the basis of their low-low prices.

The coametic enhancement results are seldom far from disastrous. This is your body! It’s the one thing you can’t replace and any surgeon worth their salt will encourage you to think long and hard before committing to a procedure. Research your surgeon exhaustively and while you’re at it, make sure you’re completely conversant with the procedure itself (no matter how squeamish you might get).


Your cosmetic enhancement surgeon should have a healthy web presence with lots of honest and transparent descriptions of the services they offer. They should also be chock full of images and testimonials of happy former patients. Check out for an example of how your surgeon’s site should look.


A safe pair of hands will:


Be honest and open about the procedure.

Understand with absolute clarity what your aims and expectations are.

Be honest and transparent if your expectations are unrealistic.

Be up-front about pricing and explain all costs in detail. They should also try to match your personal budget and finances.

Share your passion for unleashing the new you.


Only you know if it’s worth it

cosmetic enhancement

Nobody should be pressuring you into this decision. Not your loved one, not your family and certainly not your prospective surgeon, getting an eye lift, breast enhancement or any other procedure is a big decision. But, if you decide that cosmetic enhancement is the right choice for you, then following the advice above will see you on your way to a happy, confident and beautiful new you.

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