Why You Need A Friend Squad

The friend squad may have a different name: Squad, Clique, Tribe etc. No matter how you say it, it all adds up to friends. The small group of friends you surround yourself with. I recently saw a meme about it and it got me to thinking “I need a squad!”

My thinking about it seemed to be that I really didn’t have a group of close friends I hung out with currently. I realized after thinking about it that it isn’t about the right now, it’s really about the people. If you look in your life you will find your squad. Moving around alot is hard on friendship but I can honestly say I have made a few really great connections that have lasting power whom I consider my squad.

For me, maintaining friendships has often been challenging.The Introvert in me means I have trouble connecting to people and I’m not gonna call you every day or even be involved every day. Watching shows like “Sex In The City” however make me crave those kinds of connections and what I always loved about that show was how different the women all were.

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It occurred to me how we really need different types of people in our life to keep things interesting much like Sex In The City.After much thought I realized I do have that and more. I also have the blog squad to lean on. Here are awesome reasons to have a squad:

Getting Your Bitch On!

The squad will listen for hours on end to your gripes! There is nothing greater than getting it all out and let’s face it, not everybody wants to hear it. Your squad isn’t trying to fix your problems and rushing you to GET OVER IT. They are listening and supporting your feelings while holding the wine and ice-cream.They don’t care whether your right or wrong because they know you need to say it and sometimes over and over.

The No Judgment Zone

One thing that really bugs me about people is how much they judge others. Your best friends don’t do that (hopefully) it’s like a marriage in a lot of ways. They become as much of a safe haven as a mate does. If you can’t share your secrets with your squad who can you tell?

The Sometimes Needed Kick In The Ass

We all need someone to tell us the absolute truth, even when it hurts. My best friend is always the first one to tell me if I’m wrong or to kick me in the right direction. We may not want to hear it but you really need it. I remember asking once “Why are you so brutal”? She answered simply because I love you. It is way better for a friend to tell you the truth than to get in trouble out there in the world.

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I Got You

Whether it’s holding your hair or your shoes, you need people you know have your back. No matter what it is, your Friend Squad has your back without question. There are many situations we need those people we know we can call in any situation.


Bring The Party

My best friend is an Extrovert to the extreme, which is great since I’m the opposite. She was always the one dragging me out and knowing when I needed it. Your squad brings the fun and knows how to take you out of yourself. I  have gotten together with certain people after years of separation where it felt like a day hadn’t passed.

Online Friends And The Blog Squad

Since my job pretty much keeps me online a majority of the day it was inevitable I would meet great friends. You will see often the advice to form a blog tribe of people in your niche to form bonds with. I agree that it’s a great idea but truth be told the ones I consider my tribe comes from all different niches. The best thing about this is the multiple benefits you receive.

The benefit of others experience is priceless. I know if I have a Business or Marketing question there is someone I can count on. The one online friend that is in my niche is probably one of the best friends I’ve ever had. We laugh and fight like sisters. Incredibly she is across the globe and isn’t that amazing. There are countless amazing people I have met online.

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Honestly, you need to keep perspective about online friends as well. Don’t share too much information and realize the truth of your relationship.

Your friend squad is those friends who add value to your life. They don’t have to be just like you, that would be boring. The friends closest to you who know you inside out and like you anyway.

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