How To Know If Your Other Half Is Cheating On You

If you’ve started to feel that something has changed in your relationship, and you’re not feeling as secure as you once were, you may wonder if your other half is cheating on you. Some people suspect their other half of cheating with good reason, while others project their own insecurities onto their other half with no good reason.
Before you read on, think of whether you actually have any evidence to suggest your other half is cheating. If you don’t, it could be a good idea to think about what’s really making you feel this way. Do you have low self-esteem? Always look at yourself before trying to catch your partner out. If you do have good reason to think they may be cheating, then read on for some advice on what to look for and do.
Phone Secrecy
Something that triggers thoughts of cheating in couples is being secretive with a mobile phone. Maybe your partner goes to the toilet to use their phone, or won’t ever leave it lying around. If this is new behaviour, then it can feel a little worrying. It doesn’t always mean they are cheating, as some people really value their privacy. However, it could be a warning sign to look out for.
Late Nights/Strange Disappearances
Maybe your partner has started to have more and more late nights, or they are going out on the weekend and not returning home for days. This is worrying behavior unless you know for a fact they are working or doing something important for their career. If these nights are becoming more frequent and you question their explanation, it could be a sign you need to trust your intuition.
Being Accused Of Cheating Yourself
Something you’ll often find with a cheating partner is they’ll accuse you of cheating yourself. Even if you’ve displayed no questionable behaviour, a cheater will often accuse another of cheating to project their guilt onto them. If this has happened to you, your partner could be very insecure or a cheater themselves.
Other Weird Behaviour
Of course, with cheating comes more weird behavior It might not even be bad behaviour; your partner might actually start buying you presents and taking you out more. This is usually a way to ease the guilt of what they are doing.
Looking At Phone Bills
If your partner uses their phone more often these days, it could be an idea to look at their phone bill and see if you can spot any strange calls there. This could be classified as snooping, though, so unless you have evidence you may need to take a different approach first.
Hiring A Professional
Hiring a professional to get to the bottom of your situation could be a good idea. If you’re pretty certain your partner is up to something shady, hiring an investigator can give you the closure and information you need to move forward. This is a costly move, but it can give much peace of mind to partners who are suffering.
Speaking Honestly With Your Other Half
One tactic many people don’t try is speaking honestly with their other half. This is usually because cheaters will lie when confronted, but you might be surprised if you want to find out the truth.

The truth always comes out in the end. Use the tips here to find out whether your partner is cheating and get peace of mind.

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