I Want You Babe: How To Know If You're Ready to Have a ChildIs Your Relationship Child Ready?

How do you know if you and your partner are ready to have a baby? It is a question that many people ponder during their lives. The truth is that it is one of the most difficult ones that you can answer. Ultimately, a lot of people are never 100 percent sure if they are ready for a child as they know what a life-changing decision it is that they are on the verge of making. But there are some things that you can look out for that can help you on your way to making a decision.


You Are in a Settled and Stable Place in Your Relationship


I Want You Babe: How To Know If You're Ready to Have a Child


People that have a baby expecting it to paper over any cracks they have in their relationship are never off to a very good start. The truth is that taking care of a child can really push both you and your partner to the limit, exposing any cracks that there may already be in the relationship. Of course, no relationship is perfect, but if you have major doubts, then it may not be the right time to have a baby. However, if you feel settled and secure, you will be in a much better position to make this life-changing decision.


You Are Emotionally Ready


As the wise philosopher, Ru Paul often says: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” The truth is that having a baby isn’t just about having your own home and being financially ready; you need to be emotionally ready as well. Avoid external pressure from friends and family. Remember, you are the one who is making the life-changing decision with your partner. If you feel like you prepared for the emotional rollercoaster of having a child, this is probably a good sign.


You Are Prepared for Bumps in the Road

I Want You Babe: How To Know If You're Ready to Have a Child


Don’t assume that as soon as you make the decision to have the baby, everything will run smoothly from here on in. You may find that actually conceiving is not easy, so you need to find out more about IVF procedures and practices. You may find that the pregnancy itself is a very difficult and stressful time for you and your partner. If you are mentally prepared to deal with any setbacks that occur, you will usually react to them in a better way.

I Want You Babe: How To Know If You're Ready to Have a Child

You Have a Strong Support Network Around You

Having a baby can be very overwhelming if it is just you and your partner trying to deal with everything on your own. If you have a strong support network of friends and family, you will be in a much better place to deal with both the practical and emotional aspects of having a child. Speaking with people who have gone through exactly the same situation as yourself can provide you with some much needed support and reassurance.
Although many people never feel totally ready to have a baby, these four signs can help you feel more secure that you are making the right decision.    

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