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What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? I recently stumbled across the idea and it was a game changer. But maybe you are not aware of how much they can actually change your life as it did mine!  A capsule wardrobe can keep you looking chic while making your life easier and your clothes budget smaller! So, keep reading to find out more.


What Does A Capsule Wardrobe Look Like?

A capsule is a complete wardrobe; made up of a limited number of items such as clothes, accessories, and pieces of jewelry. The philosophy behind it is quality and flexibility, over quantity.


capsule wardrobe

That means that each item needs to be able to be paired with at least two more to make it work. The very best items for capsule wardrobes go with lots of others pieces and have the most flexibility.


How Many Pieces?

There is some dissent in the ranks about how many pieces your capsule wardrobe should contain. Some folks that take a more minimalist view say you can get by each season with a maximum of nine items, plus accessories, and jewelry.

But remember that you can apply the same ethos to these items as well as just your clothes. Three pairs of boots, three bags and some statement pieces of jewelry are enough to set off your outfits without things getting too complicated.

However, others suggest making a core wardrobe from classic, timeless pieces like a Mac, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. Then building your capsule around these items, changing the colors and style; of a few items for each season.


Your Body And Your Wardrobe

But before you start grabbing the bin bags and chucking away all of your current wardrobes for a new slim line capsule wardrobe, you need to establish your body type and the fashion that corresponds best with it.

This is because when you only have a limited number of items you need every piece to pulls its weight. The fit and cut need to be spot on for your shape, otherwise, you aren’t going to end up wearing it, and you put the whole system in jeopardy. You can find out more about your body shape and the type of clothes that will suit it best here.  

capsule wardrobe

Easy Access

One of the best thing about having capsule wardrobe is that it allows you to have easy access to all of your items. No more digging through piles of tops to find just the right one. Or rifling through the back of your wardrobe to find that pair of shoes that just might go with the outfit that you are planning.

Everything is there, visible, and accessible. Which make choosing a well-fitting and stylish outfit the easiest that it’s ever been.


Plan Your Look Of The Day

Look Great Without The Thought

Another important benefit of using a capsule wardrobe system is that it allow you to put zero thought into your daily outfits, and still look on point.

How? Well, it’s because you had already put the effort in when you selected the tops, jackets, bottom layers and accessories. If you have done it right then most of these items should fit nicely with the others. Which means, in theory, you can put on any combination and still look great!


Makes It Easy To Care For



Another advantage that the capsule has over another type of wardrobe is that it makes it much simpler to care for your clothes. Always disappointed that that top you need is in the wash? Forget to take your dry cleaning to get done on a regular basis?


This just won’t happen when you have a limited number of items. As there are less to manage, so you can always see what is clean and what needs doing and keep on top of it a lot easier.  


Make Packing A Dream

Sick of having to engage in a suitcase wrestling match every time you go on vacation? Where you try and get every outfit, shoe, and a piece of jewelry that you own into your bag? Only to discover, once you have arrived that you have forgotten your holiday essentials such as the ones listed here, anyway?

Well, mourn the loss of that key pair of earrings that set your outfit off just right, no more! As a capsule wardrobe makes you so organized you just won’t have these issues!

Save Money

Lastly, an advantage of the capsule wardrobe that you just can’t ignore is that it will save you money. You will be surprised how many sale items that you will pass up because they don’t fit in within your capsule! Also, you are much more likely to buy classic pieces with more flexibility that you’ll wear year after year, making them a much more sensible investment in the long term.

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