long distance relationshipsHow To Have A Successful Long Distance Relationships


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Do long distance relationships work? We all know that relationships take work, but more often than not, there’s a lot that we can all do to make them succeed. However, when it comes to taking your relationship long distance, you can often wonder just how you’re going to get through it. Whether you’ve met someone that lives far away, or one of you is relocating, for now, the trip to making your healthy relationship last can often be found in a handful of different emotional states. If you’re about to go long distance or start out in a new relationship, here are some ideas to help you make it work.


long distance relationships

Be On The Same Page


The first thing that you’re going to need to do before the long distance relationship starts is to be on the same page. Before one of you leaves, or before you commit to beginning a relationship, you need to know where you both stand. This can be especially important when you’re married, as you’re not going to want to head to the divorce attorney if one of you feels like the other let them down. Make sure you’re on the same page about how this is going to work from the start.




Next up, you’re going to want to focus on communication. If you are finding it difficult, speak out. If you want to see your partner or spouse more, speak out. Without the right levels of communication, your relationship can crumble. If you’re finding it hard to stay in contact, but you want the relationship to work, you’re going to need to shift some priorities so that you can show your loved one that they’re important to you.


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Make Regular Dates


One of the toughest parts about long distance relationships is definitely the distance, but it’s also the uncertainty. If you’re not sure when you’re going to see each other next, it can officially send you insane. So, you need to be able to set regular dates with each other. Even if it’s every three months, you both need to know when you will next meet so that you can have that date to look forwards too.


Commit To A Future


But you also have to be able to commit to a long-term future together. It’s not always possible that long distance relationships will work for an entire lifetime. If you want to live together, get married, and have children (if you don’t have the last two already), then you need to be able to commit to that future together. Even if you don’t have an exact time scale, knowing that you both want to do it is often enough to get you through.

long distance relationships


Maintain Trust & Respect


And finally, one the of the most important aspects of making long distance relationships work is mutual trust and respect. Just because you are not close to each other in location, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show the same respect to each other as you usually would. You need to be able to have strong bonds of trust and respect to get through the tough times apart.


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