The Only Way You’ll Get The Flat Stomach You’re Longing For


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Important Steps To Getting That Flat Stomach

A flat stomach is highly sought after by many women. However, most women spend too long reading gossip magazines and listening to the advice in there, rather than learning what they really have to do. You won’t get a flat stomach by doing 200 sit-ups a day (maybe a bad neck), and you won’t get one from drinking detox tea. You won’t even get one if you wear a waist trainer religiously. These things alone will not flatten your stomach. Here’s the only way you’ll get the flat stomach you’re longing for:

Lean Down – Don’t ‘Lose Weight’

The goal to get a flat stomach is never to ‘lose weight’. Losing weight might mean that your body reduces in size, but it certainly doesn’t mean getting a flat stomach. You can lose a pound or two and still have an undefined, soft tummy that you don’t like. The goal is to lean down.

This means losing fat rather than weight. The difference here is that you don’t focus on the scale or calories. Instead, you focus on what you’re putting in your body in terms of health. Eating a well-balanced diet full of healthy, natural, fresh foods is so much better for a flat stomach than trying to live off ‘diet’ foods.

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Do The Correct Exercises

You can’t get a flat stomach with ab exercises if there’s a layer of fat covering it. It just doesn’t work! This means you need to incorporate fat burning exercise such as HIIT and plyometrics to get your body burning that fat for fuel. You can incorporate some ab exercises, but putting too much emphasis on them is a bad idea. Planks are great for strengthening your abs, but you must lose that fat to show them off.

Even if you don’t want abs, but long for a washboard tummy, the same rules apply. If you want help aside from exercise, you can find news from Mi-Skin Dermatology that could give you an extra hand. Just remember, eating right and appropriate exercise are the foundations of a flat tummy.

Watch Out For Foods That Bloat You
Certain foods may bloat you, so make sure you watch out for them and avoid them where possible. That being said, bloating isn’t permanent, so feel free to have a treat every so often. Just know your triggers and be mindful of consuming them.

Finally, consistency is the ultimate key to getting the flat stomach you want. It’s what you do most of the time that gets you the results. That means you don’t need to be 100% perfect, you just need to be consistent. The better you are at this, the better the results you’ll get.

At the end of the day, there’s no magic trick that will get you the flat stomach you want. Ignore these fad diets, exercise routines, and teas. Ignore the ‘magic’ pills that vow to help you. You’re going to need to put a little work in to get results.

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