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How To Get That Proposal You’ve Been Dreaming Of

If you’ve been with your partner for some time, you might be wondering when it is they’re thinking of popping the question. Different people become ready for marriage at different speeds. You may have been ready after 3 years together, but it might take them more than 10 to actually get on the same wavelength as you. Worry no more! This post is going to tell you what to do to get that ring on your finger and a proposal in the bag!


Give Them Some Kind Of Signal

The first thing you can do is give your partner some kind of signal if you haven’t already. One potential they may not have proposed yet is fear of rejection. Seriously! So you could give them some kind of signal by casually bringing up a friend’s wedding, and seeing where it goes.

marriage proposal

Tell Them What Kind Of Ring You Want

If you can drop it into the conversation, without sounding like you’re pressuring him, you could always mention the kind of ring you’d like when the time comes. Men feel under a lot of pressure to buy the right ring. Not only do they have to save and save, they also have to find one that’s going to knock your socks off.

You can take some of the work out of it by giving him some subtle hints. You could mention a friend’s custom engagement ring and tell him how much you loved it, or simply ask his opinion on a ring.


Be Comfortable With Waiting A Little Longer

Does it make a difference if you get engaged this year or next if you’re planning on spending your life with this person? Chances are, the more you relax and the more positive you are about it happening at the right time, the more inclined your loved one will be to propose.

marriage proposal

Have An Honest Conversation About Your Future

If you haven’t already had an honest conversation about your future, now could be the time. Do you even know if your partner wants marriage? Find the right way to bring this conversation up and see what happens.


Don’t Go OTT With The Talks And Signals

It’s important you don’t go too OTT with the marriage proposal talks and signals, as your partner will feel less inclined to pop the question if they feel forced. Just relax!


Work On Any Issues You May Have

If you have issues, such as insecurity issues, chances are they are the source of many arguments you may have. By working on your own issues, your relationship with your partner will improve. You don’t need to change yourself, but working on issues like jealousy and insecurity will cut them more slack.

marriage proposal

Have A Life Outside Of Your Partner

Always have a life outside of your partner, whether you go to a weekend class or see your friend’s regularly. This will remind them why they fell in love with you. Relying too heavily on one another can cause problems.


Focus On Your Own Happiness

Learning how to make yourself happy without your partner is crucial. If a person thinks they are responsible for your happiness, they are likely to get scared and may even bail. By showing you are perfectly happy alone, and being with them is a bonus, they will be more likely to get down on one knee and make that marriage proposal happen!

We get antsy to get married, especially in a long-term relationship but there can be reasons that a marriage proposal hasn’t happened and ways to move it along.

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