Love Languages: Showing Your Man That You Care In Ways He Will Understand


love languages

Love Languages Explained


You might already be familiar with Gary Chapman’s theory of Love Languages, but if not then here is a quick explanation. He says that there are fives ways that we can express love and gain a happy relationship. These are through words, help, gifts, time and physical touch. Read on to find out how you apply these to your daily life so he feels loved and appreciated.





Some people don’t have any problem saying how they feel. They rattle off “I love you,” without even a second thought. But for others of us, it’s not that easy. It can depend on how we feel at the time., as well as our previous experiences and the way we have been brought up. This could create problems with your partner if they received love in the form of words. If you are not sure what their love language is, get them to take this test here.

So, what can we do about it? Well how about sending them one text a day saying how much you love them, or how highly you think of them? Or, leave them a note making a positive comment on something that they have done recently?





Some people don’t feel loved unless others are doing things for them. This doesn’t mean that you have to so everything, that’s not love, its enabling! But pick a few choice things that show them that they matter.

For example, if he’s had hard day, maybe you could do the cleaning, even though it is his turn? Or how about sending him a website that you have come across that he might like such as shaving blog or a Men’s Health article? It shows that he is on your mind, even when you are not physically together.




While we often think of people that need to receive gifts as at act of love as materialistic, that’s not actually the case. It is just that gifts are a physical symbol of the others person’s love to them.

By spending money on them, and taking the time to choose a perfect gift, the other person feels valued in the relationship.


Small gifts can work well,  like a favorite candy bar. Or, if it’s a bigger occasion, try to get something that you know will genuinely make the other person happy like a gadget or an adventure day.



The gift of time can be a tough one to give in today’s busy world. Working full time, and dealing with all our responsibilities can leave little quality time left for your other half. It can be so tough to find a space where you can both be together, and not be exhausted. It is definitely worth doing, though, as someone who needs to be given quality time to feel loved may start to feel neglected if they don’t receive it.




Physical Touch


While those couples that often do too much PDA are criticized, for awesome people it’s actually necessary for them to feel loved. Physical contact can be small things like a kiss goodbye before work. Or, a massage if the other person has worked out hard at the gym? You don’t have to be constantly all over each other to make  love languages work.

There are lots of ways to let someone know you love them. It is different with everyone and Men tend to be more direct and about actions. Learn your mate’s love language!

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