Why I Married My Best Friend And You Should Too

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why you should marry your best friendGood Reasons To Marry Your Best Friend

I was scouring the Internet specifically Flipboard for ideas because sometimes your mind just goes blank. One relationship topic I saw over and over was about marrying your best friend. So I thought, well they are definitely gonna beat that horse to death, but then it dawned on me..THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

Me And My Bestie

Now I can hear the wheels turning in your mind already, yeah yeah that’s what everybody says. There was a time I might have doubted the very topic myself. The first time around I married for the typical I’m in love with no sense reasons, to only realize 13 years and 3 kids later that we just didn’t like each other, hence the if only I had known musings.

marrying your best friend

Here is our story. We met online, yess I was a chatter and quite popular back then but I had become jaded and disappointed by the dishonesty of the world of online dating. I was set to just resolve myself to being alone in the small town that held too many people that knew me and the ex.

Then I met Rob, well as much as you meet someone online. He said something I hadn’t heard before, ” I’m looking for something real”. That got my attention, well that, his good looks and Barry White deep voice, yeah it affects all the ladies. Because we lived three hours from each other our relationship only existed on the phone at first. Our first phone call lasted 8 hours.

We didn’t meet in person for another 3 months but we talked every day and what happened wasn’t so much romance as it was the beginning framework of an unbreakable bond. The first question I ask people now when they approach me with relationship issues is this, Are you truly friends?

When Friendship Turns To Love

Falling in love with your best friend isn’t the fireworks and butterflies kind explosion, it’s a slow burn, a natural progression. The truth is you already have love, you already have a bond. It deepens and sizzles in a slower. more lasting way with more trust and a true sense of who you’re sleeping with.

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The Benefits Of Marrying Your Best Friend

There are so many benefits, there is the fact that this person knows all about you and likes you anyway. Many times in relationships, especially romantic relationships, the sex, and romance clouds how well we know and see the person truly and that can lead to disaster.

why you should marry your best friend

How many couples do you know that love their partner but eh don’t really enjoy being together, don’t like the same things? That happens a lot but not with best friends. What you have in common draws you together. I can’t tell you how often Rob and I feel like we are Pinky and the Brain, laughing at jokes that nobody gets but us.

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You always have someone you can count on. Dr. Phil once said the most enlightening thing about relationships I have ever heard and it is something every married couple should consider. Your partner should be your soft place to fall. If you have had a best friend you know they are the one person that you feel safe with, you can be yourself with, can depend on.

Probably the biggest bonus is the strong foundation. Best friends have a foundation of trust that you just don’t find in any other relationship and life is hard. You need to be strong together to weather life’s storms. I can’t stress enough that many times you will be all each other has.

why you should marry your best friend

The Downside

Ah yes, my friends, there is always a downside. As great as being best friends first is there are times that your friendship is always first and you maybe have to work at the romance that much harder. You want to be very careful that you don’t become more buddies than lovers. This has nothing to do with attraction, it has to do with how comfortable you feel with each other. Sometimes when you take all of the mystery out that also affects the sexual tension.

In closing remember marriage is a life commitment and there are far more benefits to marrying your best friend!

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Raymond Baxter

Ah, y’know, this is us in a nutshell. All the best relationships are friendships too. When I began with the mrs we were friends first before we moved into the relams of dating. But the spark was there and it was exciting 🙂

Shopgirl Anonymous

It’s so true that marrying your best friend does distract you away from romance…particularly if you are already not a romantic…like myself.


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