marriage plungeBest Ways To Let Him Know You’re Ready To Get Married!

A relationship is all about taking things to the next level. You start off with a few casual dates, then things escalate, and you become a proper couple. Next, you’re meeting each other’s parents and going on holiday with one another. Before you know it you’re moving in together and buying a pet kitten. Making the marriage plunge is the natural next step, right?

For a lot of people, their relationship follows a similar path until there’s one big step to make the marriage plunge; the step from being a couple, to being husband and wife. Marriage is a huge step, and it can sometimes take years before you’re both ready to take the plunge. Often, one person may be keen to get married, but they’re too scared of what their partner thinks. Your boyfriend may have been ready for months but doesn’t want to risk proposing only for you to say no.

As such, I think it’s a great idea to drop hints when you’re ready. Be casual about it, don’t throw marriage on them. Just let them know you’re ready to take things to the next level so they can proceed as they wish. How can you drop these hints? Here are some of my best ideas:

marriage plunge

Casually Visit Jewelry Shops

Going shopping with your partner is always a great way to casually drop a few hints. While making comments as you pass a bridal store is a decent idea, there’s another that’s less obvious. Go into a jewelry store with them and browse as if you’re just looking for a new necklace or ring, etc.

My advice is to go somewhere like Brilliant Earth where they sell lots of engagement rings too. Then, you can pass the engagement ring section and comment on how beautiful they all are. Make a point to stare at them for ages and talk about which ones you love the most. Unless your partner isn’t paying attention, this should make them realize what you’re doing and that you’re dropping a big fat hint.

marriage plunge

Fawn Over Wedding Photos

No doubt someone you know will be getting married at some point. In which case, it gives you a perfect chance to fawn over their photos on Facebook. Show your partner the married couple and talk about how beautiful they look. Make it seem like you really care about what you’re seeing and get a tiny bit emotional too. Maybe look at a photo and give your partner a longing stare then quickly look away. This will make them think you might be hinting at something.

Talk About Marriage With Mutual Friends

If you both have friends that you both see and talk to, this presents the great chance to drop some hints. Talk about marriage with your mutual friends, and they may pass on the information to your partner. They could ask them about marriage and then casually mention what you said about the subject. All it takes is a little help from some friends to point your partner in the right direction.


By dropping hints, you make it clear to your partner where you want to take the marriage plunge and go the next step in your relationship. It will make things so much easier for them if they’re keen to propose but worried you’re not on the same page. Now they know, and you can get ready for a great engagement.


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