wedding dayDifferent And Inspiring Wedding Day Ideas

Your wedding day shouldn’t be the happiest day of your lives, and for that reason, you’ll want to commemorate it in ways that are special and unique. You can do that by embracing modern methods that will help you to mark the day and have some fun at the same time. Here are some ideas that you should consider if that’s what you want to do.

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Hire a Film Photographer to Shoot in Black & White

wedding day


Every wedding has a photographer, but you should think carefully about what kind of photographer you want. There is a modern trend for going back to the future by hiring a photographer that takes photos on film rather than digitally. Having them shot in black and white also adds to the sophistication and timelessness of them. You will be able to look back at them with even more fondness if you choose this option.


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Find a Way for Guests to Leave Messages


These days, many people choose to be creative when it comes to allowing guests to leave messages. Guest books have been around for ages, but their use and purpose is changing. For example, suggestion and answer cards are now used. These include light-hearted questions for guests to respond to. They might ask what the couple should name their dog or what the meaning of love is. They’re fun and modern, so give them a try.

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Use Snapchat Filters to Commemorate the Day


If you want to have a truly modern wedding, you have to incorporate social media in some way. Snapchat offers you the perfect way to do exactly that. You can make custom geofilters for Snapchat; they allow you to create photos complete with a message or tag relating to the wedding day. Anyone who’s attending your wedding will be able to use them, so it’s inclusive and fun for everyone.


Create a Slideshow of Photos for the Reception


It’s not uncommon for photos to be placed around the reception room. But these are limiting, and these days you can go so much further. For example, you could set up a projector and create a large slideshow of images of you and your partner. It’s a modern way of sharing your past at the reception of your wedding, and you can decide how to project them, where to show them and how big to make them.


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Hire an Officiant with Meaning


You can ask anyone at all to be your officiant at your wedding, so why not make the most of this? You could ask a lifelong friend or someone who is special to you. This adds an extra personal dimension to the wedding, and it will be a great way of commemorating your union because you will create a special memory involving that person too. It’s definitely something worth thinking carefully about.


Each of the ideas discussed above gives you a unique and interesting way to commemorate your wedding day. So, step into the 21st century and make the most of some of them.

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