being a mom

There’s no greater joy than motherhood!

Parenting Tips: How To Navigate The Challenges Of Being A Mom


Parenthood is rarely planned these days I know I honestly only planned one of my kids, and being a mom isn’t the kind of thing you can postpone and think about before you commit to it. Parenthood is one of the most wonderful and life-changing experiences anyone can have, but it’s also pretty awful at the same time. We’re not just talking about tantrums and toddler’s natural stubbornness either! Here are some of the big things that make being a parent so hard.

being a mom

Kids Follow Their Own Whims

When you’re trying to get your kid dressed and off to school, they’re becoming fascinated with something in the garden. When it’s time for dinner or bed, they don’t want to eat or sleep. They’ll want to watch the same movie, sing the same song, or have the same book read to them over and over and over again.


Parenting is often like a part of you has developed a mind of its own, which has desires and interests that are completely alien to you. You’re indisputably attached to this part of you, but living with it is a huge, unexpected challenge that you’ve had no prior experience with. You’re going to have countless times where what’s best for your kids is the direct opposite of what they want to do.

We Want to Spare Them Any Kind of Pain





This is one of the biggest challenges of parenting which you’ll have to face again and again. Even though you start becoming attached to your child while they’re still in the womb, once they’re born, you’ll be surprised at how intense the urge is to protect them from any kind of physical or emotional harm. As potent as this emotional reaction is, it’s important to remember none of us can go through life without experiencing pain.


No matter how sweet life seems now, everything is in a constant state of change. Countless mothers may be fretting about their home décor today, but in a few years, their biggest concern could be how to choose a good divorce lawyer. The sooner we learn to deal with these difficult changes, the sooner we’re able to thrive. Parenting means, it’s sometimes necessary to let your children be hurt, and experience some of the harsh truths of life themselves. Knowing when to hold back takes good observation, judgment, and self-control. Soon enough though, you’ll figure out a good balance.

We Want to Do Everything for Them

This one’s closely linked with the last point. Most people know something about the importance of letting a kid stand on their own two feet at times. The issue is that children are often too slow to do this that we become impatient, and start dressing them rather than watching them get their heads around the intricacies of socks.


Sparing your child from any difficulties is understandable, but not overly good for the child’s development. After all, to overcome various tasks, we have to fail at them first. It’s essential to teach your child perseverance in the face of obstacles, so don’t become an obstacle yourself!

Parenting and being a mom, in particular, is the best and hardest job we will ever have. These are just a few challenges and I hope this advice helps you in your journey

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