The Most Common Cosmetic Worries (and Why They Shouldn’t Panic You)




It would be nice if we’d somehow moved past the cosmetic worries most of us suffer through. But that’s not how things have worked out. Thankfully, the most common worries in this area are very rarely as bad or irreversible as you think.


Considering that liposuction is still the most common cosmetic procedure in the US, I think it’s fair to say that weight belongs on this list. People can judge it however, they want to judge it (usually nastily, I’m afraid), but weight loss is a lot more difficult than people think.

But a problem here is that a lot of focus is placed on unwanted weight gain. There are plenty of people out there who actually struggle with not being able to gain an optimal amount of weight. Whatever the case, you may want to speak to a doctor instead of relying on the aid of not-always-helpful weight programs.




Looking tired



A glazed look. Puffy eyes, or darkening circles around them. A dazed expression. Sometimes, it just feels like you’ve been looking tired for weeks on end. And then you start to worry that age is suddenly appearing and sapping you of your facial vigor. And sure, that’s a legitimate worry. But you know what the problem is most of the time? A lack of sleep! People usually underestimate how much sleep they need – and most don’t even meet those estimates.

Visible veins


To be fair, everyone has veins visible to some extent. Usually across the arm, but often in the forehead, too, if you look carefully enough.

They’re not pleasant to be aware of, I’ll admit. After all, shouldn’t those things be hiding away inside you? When you can actually see them, it can feel like it’s actually dangerous for them to be that close to the surface.


Still, you should know that the vast majority of people simply don’t notice. Of course, there are times where visible veins – more specifically, varicose veins – become a real problem. In which case, you may want to consider looking for help from a vein center.

Grey hairs

Some people may tell you that those grey hairs dotted here and there just make your hair look like it’s sparkling. You should thank them for trying to make you feel better. The key word here: trying. Grey hairs are often the first sign that you’re going to become, you know, old.

But, just as I said about veins in the previous section, they’re not often that noticeable to others. They tend to be the things you see when looking closely in the mirror. You can pluck them, of course, or start looking into  cosmetichair dyes. Even better: you can look into natural ways to slow down the process.


This is the thing that many people fear the most. When the skin start to become a little less tight and begins to form lines in itself. We may see those anti-wrinkle cosmetic cream adverts on TV a lot, but we know they don’t really work that well. But, as with greying hair, there are several natural things you can do to slow wrinkles down. Very few people are doomed to be wrinkly – you just need to take care of yourself!

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