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Your Wedding day Must Do’s

Thinking about your wedding day can be so exciting – picture it now: cooking and eating dinner together, taking romantic walks, curling up watching the TV…pretty much everything you do now but with those all-important rings on your fingers, and that secure feeling of being somebody’s husband/wife.

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However, getting married doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be happy. In fact, many people get ‘wedding blues’ because they don’t take smart steps beforehand. If you want to ensure wedded bliss well in advance of the big day, here are some must do’s:

wedding day

Never Lose Sight Of Why You’re Doing This

First thing’s first: you can’t lose sight of why you’re really doing this with your other half. It’s all too easy to get stressed out and become a bridezilla these days, especially if you’re attempting to ‘keep up with the Joneses.’ Don’t do all you can to prove something to people. Your big day shouldn’t be about that. Your big day should be about you marrying the person you want to spend your life with, whose name you want to take.

At the end of the day, the end result is going to be exactly the same.

Do What Truly Makes You Happy

A mistake that many couples make is worrying too much about what others want for them – mainly parents, sometimes grandparents. Do the seating plan how you like it, go for the decor you love without worrying what anybody else will think, and make this day all about you.

wedding day

Of course, you want a beautiful venue like, but getting married there should be your choice and nobody else’s. You will only have regrets later on down the line if you do something because somebody else wanted you to do it. You’ll always wonder ‘what if’ and likely wish you’d done things differently. Don’t let this happen!

Forget The Things That Don’t Matter

It’s 2017, which means some things really don’t matter anymore. Not seeing the bride/groom before the big day, wearing white, supplying wedding favors – none of it truly matters. You don’t have to stick to tradition if you don’t want to, and if your budget doesn’t allow it, then forget about it all together. Focus more on ensuring you and your guests have a good time than the traditions you ‘should’ stick to, as that is the only thing people will remember when it’s all over.

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Delegate Tasks For Following The Big Day

For the ultimate stress-free wedding day experience, make sure you delegate tasks following the big day too. Ask somebody to take the presents with them so you don’t have to worry if you’ve had too much to drink. Ask favors like this from people instead of wedding gifts. You’ll cut down your to-do list dramatically and able to get started on your honeymoon with very little stress at all!

Hopefully, these must do’s for your wedding day help you to put things into perspective a little. Never forget what is really important!

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