How To Navigate The Rocky Roads In Your Relationship

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Relationship Advice: Getting Thru The Hard Times


It’s hard to decide whether some relationships are worth it. After all, sometimes with toxic relationships, the only way through it is to walk away. You do need to think about yourself as it’s so important to stay happy. However, if you truly love each other, you need to try your best to work through rough patches. Here is some essential advice you need when going through rough patches in your relationship so that you do stay together for the long-term.


Keep talking to each other


Shutting each other out is the start of the end for a relationship. But it’s so easy to do when you are going through a rough patch. You both don’t want to bring up the issue in front of each other and would rather talk to someone else. However, if you both go to other people to talk, it can cause resentment and even leads to betrayal. Therefore, you need to make sure you keep speaking to each other through rough patches. Support each other and keep communicating to help you to build a stable relationship which will last.


Be honest with each other

It’s so important that you are honest with each other during a rough patch. A lot of people try and avoid the conversation and pretend that everything is fine. But if you want your relationship to work, you need to be honest with each other. Tell your partner why you are not happy in the relationship, and how things need to change. For example, if your partner is drinking too much, you might want to talk about them going to a recovery center to help them. If they know how you actually feel, they will be more willing to make changes to save your relationship. There is nothing worse than hiding your true feelings when it comes to your relationship!



Look for outside help

When you and your partner are going through a rough patch, it’s easy to not want to disclose this to family and friends. But sometimes you need some help outside your relationship to save your relationship during rough patches. For example, it might be a good idea for a mutual friend to help diffuse the situation during a row. Or you might need to stay with a friend for a while to give you both the chance to think about what you want.

Often, a break can make or break a couple. Just look at Prince William and Princess Kate; they had a  break and now are married with two kids. You might need to go to see a relationship counselor for some professional help. It will give you both a chance to say what you want in a controlled environment. It might help you both look at the relationship differently so that you can work things out!

When you are going through a rough patch, you need to look back at the past to help your relationships. As this article says, being nostalgic can help give you positive emotions which can give you the will to fight for the relationship! And it can remind you why you loved each other in the first place!


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Thanks for this write up. Everyone in any relationship needs this, because the rocky part stuff is inevitable.

Partners must also believe that things will become normal again and that should be the first step in achieving their goals.


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