Navigating The Information Overload When Trying To Conceive

Trying to concieve

Trying to conceive?

When you look at what we know today compared with what we knew in the past, it’s almost a surprise we’re all here. People today trying to get pregnant have a lot at their disposal. And yet, it’s obviously not that easy. Planning to get pregnant can still be a stressful time. And for many of us, there seems to be almost the opposite of the problem our ancestors had. They had very little information, we may have too much.
Depending on how much you read, you can end up with a paralysis of choice when it comes to planning a pregnancy. If you tried to do all the things that “experts” recommend when trying to conceive, you’d have no time to actually have sex. Which would defeat the whole purpose just a bit. With that said, we’re blessed for information, and this is something we should be happy about.
One thing that we can say for sure, for example, is that there are times across a month when we are more or less fertile. Depending on how long or how short your menstrual cycle may be, you can know when you are more likely to be successful when trying to conceive. The more times you try within that fertile spell, the better the chance that you will be successful. Referring to a conception calculator is a worthwhile step.
For many people who decide that they want to try for a baby, stopping their birth control is the first step. It is worth bearing in mind that if you are on hormonal birth control this can affect the regularity of your menstrual cycle.
It doesn’t mean you cannot get pregnant right away, but it does make it harder to plan with any degree of confidence. If you want to keep a firm eye on the planned pregnancy, it may be wise to allow a couple of months for your periods to become regular.
A good piece of advice when it comes to conceiving is to never set much store by the things that “everyone knows”. For example, everyone knows that the term of a pregnancy is nine months. But medically speaking, it is closer to 40 weeks. However you do the math there, that’s not the same. So if you’re using received wisdom to plan a pregnancy, check that wisdom against the facts.
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Above all else, it is important to ensure your comfort right from the moment you decide you want to start a family. Stress and anxiety do not contribute to a high chance of getting pregnant. The healthier you feel, the more ready your body will be to receive.
As much as we know today about pregnancy, it is also important to be ready for things to surprise you. There are so many aspects to a pregnancy that, even with forewarning, it is impossible to be ready for them all. You will have doubts that it is going to happen and doubts that you will cope. But when it comes down to it, you’ll manage – and you’ll be glad you did.

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