How To Get More Readers To Your Blog

So you set up your blog thinking that it would bring you fame and fortune. Well, I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but things aren’t always that easy! Sure, it is very possible to get big in the blogging world if you have a killer blog.

But even if your blog is amazing, you may not be getting a whole load of traffic to your site. And without all that traffic, the amount of readers you attract is going to remain very low. So why exactly is no one checking out your blog? Here are some of the main reasons.

You’re Posting The Same Old Stuff

There are lots and lots of bloggers out there. The Internet is pretty saturated with them right now! So you need to find a way to stand out from everyone else. And one of the easiest ways to do so is to publish totally unique content. How do you know if your content is unique? You need to find a niche to fill! So, for instance, instead of just becoming a generic food blogger, you could blog about something specialist.

Think about the Paleo Diet, for instance. And what about fashion bloggers – there are plenty of niches you could fill if you want to blog about style and fashion. For example, plus size fashion. There are already a few plus size bloggers out there, but there is still a lot of room for some more writers in that niche! Once you have found your specialist subject, you need to ensure that all your content is of an exceptionally high quality so that you don’t lose any readers because of poor writing.


You’re Not Utilizing Social Media

It really surprises me when I talk to some bloggers, and they tell me that they don’t have social media accounts for their blogs. This is very important these days! Absolutely everyone has Facebook and Twitter accounts these days. By creating one for your blog, you will drastically increase the traffic to your site. And it is all because more people will find out about you.

You should be sharing all of your blog posts on your social media accounts. Add some hashtags so that people other than your followers will see them. This can also help increase your number of followers on Facebook and Twitter. It is also extremely useful to share other blogger’s posts and tweets. That way, they are very likely to promote your own stuff too.

You Don’t Post Enough

Once you start your blog, you need to decide on a regular schedule for publishing posts. Ideally, you should aim to add something new to your site every other day. At the very minimum, two posts a week should be enough. Once you have decided on your regular schedule, it is very important that you stick to it.

Your readers will start to expect your posts at certain times. If you start to slow down publishing posts, you will find that your traffic also starts to slow down. But this all makes sense if you think about it. After all, it is the content that it the main driver of traffic to your site. Once that starts to tail off, it follows that your audience will as well. So be sure to create a blogging schedule that you have time to follow and will be able to stick to no matter what!

You Haven’t Thought About SEO

SEO is a huge deal these days. It is impossible to increase traffic to your blog without it. Have you even thought about it yet? If not, then this could be the main reason why your audience numbers are dwindling. But don’t worry; it is a very easy problem to fix. You just need to start optimizing all of your future blog posts for search engines.

There are various ways you can do this. One of the best is to add plenty of keywords into your content. These are common words and phrases that people search for in Google. If you have these keywords in your blog posts, Google will pick up on them and place your blog higher in the search results. Plenty of links to external sites and your own content will also help you rise up through the rankings. There are some other smaller details that can help improve SEO, such as plenty of images and removing duplicate content.


There’s A Bug On Your Site

Are you sure that all the links work in your content? Can your site be easily viewed on a mobile or tablet device? Does the layout of your blog make it easy to navigate around? Is your website bug-free? The answer to all of these questions should be yes. Unfortunately, many bloggers have trouble with all of these. That’s because bloggers are mainly writers who don’t have too good IT and computer skills.

However, there is an easy solution if anything goes wrong and you are totally stumped by an IT issue. You can simply think about IT outsourcing. There are many IT firms out there who are ready to give bloggers a helping hand whenever they every get stuck with computer problems!


Your Site Isn’t Branded Very Well

If your site isn’t that visually attractive, you will find that you have a hard time growing your audience numbers. Even if you do go through all of the above tips! So make sure that your blog is well branded and looks as good as it can.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend loads on a designer to create you a custom website. You will be able to design a great website on your own. You just need to remember to be consistent with the design and stick to chic, timeless fonts and colors. Don’t go for a quirky design; they very rarely look as good as you think they do!

Voila! Hopefully, this useful blog post will help you increase your audience without too many problems!

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