One Change To Stay Healthy And Feeling Young

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One Change To Stay Healthy And Feeling Young

One Change To Look And Feel Youthful

Holding back the hands of time is something we all strive for. While we may strive with all our might, there tends to be a learning curve to trying to maintain our youthful looks and body. That means we have to face the realities of what we’re trying to achieve and just how difficult it might be.


With the huge amount of advice about holding out against the ravages of age, it can feel you have a thousand and one things to consider at once. But rather than layer extra information on top of an already overloaded mind, what if you could make one change to various aspects of health care? Just one switch in exchange for a big health and wellness impact?

The things mentioned below are not going to fix all of your concerns about aging. However, they can make a serious difference by focusing on the major aspects that show the signs of aging on your body. As always, check with a doctor before embarking on any supplement regime. So one fix, one area – go:

 Skin Care Routine


One Change: Sharpen up your cleansing regime.


The majority of us cleanse our faces in one simple step, swiping a cotton pad over the skin. We’ll drench the pad in a cleanser of some sort. It takes a few seconds and the satisfying grimy pad when we’re done convinces us we’ve made a difference.

staying healthy and youthful

In fact, cleansing should be as – if not more – important than moisturizing. To regenerate skin cells properly, your face needs to be unencumbered by makeup and the general grime off your day. Switch to double cleansing and you will soon see the difference.


Body Skin Care


One Change: Supplement collagen and/or gelatin.


As skin loses firmness and elasticity, it’s one of the primary ways we show the toll the years have taken on us.

By supplementing collagen and/or gelatin (they work in much the same way and are often grouped together), you help to give your skin its bounce back. It can take up to six weeks for daily supplementation to show, but it will be worth the wait.


Bone and Joint Health


One Change: Supplement calcium for bones and omega 3 acids for joints.


Taken as part of a balanced diet, you can keep yourself feeling spry into your golden years with two different supplements. Omega 3s are found in a variety of foods or can be supplemented individually. Calcium is found in numerous multivitamins or can be sourced from natural sources; as AlgaeCal reviews attest, the natural form may be preferable to get the desired impact.

one change to stay healthy and youthful



One Change: 10-minute bursts of energy every day.


There are so many recommendations about how much and how often you should exercise. However, research is showing that just 10 minutes of intense activity per day – such as running or cycling at high speed – is all it takes to keep your fitness levels high. So if you don’t have time to spend hours sweating it out at the gym, you can still get the heart and system boost that a thorough exercise regime promises!

One change a day can make a big difference in how youthful you look and feel!


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